Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tybee Island and Savannah -- Day 5

Wednesday was a fun, busy day.  We spent most of the morning/early afternoon at the beach, and then headed to Fort Pulaski, the lighthouse on Tybee, The Crab Shack, and then a nighttime stroll through Savannah for a tour all about the city's history of ghosts.  While I am not particularly interested in the paranormal, the strolling tour was wonderful and our guide gave lots of historical information as well.

Here was our day in pictures:

The most exciting news of the day was that the boy who was terrified to even touch his toe in the ocean two days ago was doing this on Wednesday:

He ran, splashed, and even fell purposefully into the water all morning.  There is nothing more exciting as a mamma of a toddler than to see my boy overcoming his fear and having a blast in the water.

The following shots are from Fort Pulaski:

sidewalk in Savannah

Colonial Park Cemetery

We also went back to Leopold's (a second time):

Thursday will be another day at the beach, with a trip to Hilton Head for a sunset cruise.

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Ashley Cole-Virani said...

Laura, had to say that the first, cropped photo of the arches is fantastic! I think it's really well composed and the lighting was spot on! (Not that I know a thing about photography, but those were my initial reactions.) Looks like a fabulous trip. :)