Sunday, November 27, 2011


It has been far too long since I wrote last.  I have missed journaling and posting photos terribly, mainly because there are so many things I want to record for Connor that I know I'll forget if I don't keep at this on a regular basis.

However, I have been heartily enjoying life these last couple of weeks.  Things have been crazy (I feel like I say that every week, though.) in the lives of the Davidsons, but in many good ways.  Since I last blogged we/I have:

- gone to a beautiful wedding

- had another Christmas Movie Monday (I'll Be Home for Christmas) with a homestyle dinner theme

- helped host a baby shower for a sweet friend/colleague

- painted pottery with my mom and sis to celebrate Mom's 50th birthday

- taken 49 students to KYA (a tiring but inspiring experience)

- and celebrated Thanksgiving with people I love.

There are so many things to be thankful for: a wonderful husband, precious son, family, friends, church, small group, our home, and too many other blessings to count.

I am thankful that Connor is growing healthy and strong, that he is talking more every day, even if his newest phrase is, "Big turds."  Seriously.  I am thankful he is now learning to say please, thank you, and sorry without being prompted.  I am thankful God blessed us with such a sweet, empathetic, outgoing boy.

All I can say is that today and always, I am simply thankful to God for blessing me more than I deserve.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Too Often

Ever have one of those moments where God reminds you just how blessed you are, and you are convicted for your selfishness, unthankfulness, etc...?  That has been me recently.  One sunny afternoon last week, Jason and Connor were playing outside, so I grabbed my camera and captured these shots.

Looking at them on the computer that night, the Holy Spirit brought to my attention how ungrateful I have been lately for my wonderful husband.  I am alway thanking Him for the blessing of our son, but too often I neglect to remind myself (and Jason) how much he means to me, and how thankful I am for a Godly partner.

Too often, I find myself complaining that I don't get enough help (although I am always in the market for extra help), while ignoring all the things Jason does do for our family, the extra responsibilities he takes on at the radio station, at church, with the Y-Club, and the fact that he has actually started ironing his own clothes (most of the time).

Too often I find myself nagging him about my list of things to be done, when I know that he already knows what needs to be done and would probably be more likely to help without my "nudging."

Too often I ignore the sparkle in his eye when he sees our son each afternoon, and how Connor giggles in delight at each tickle, spin, or piggyback ride.

 Too often I am in my own bubble of school, housework, and everyday life to remind him how much I respect and cherish him and our relationship.

Too often I mention what he doesn't do, instead of appreciating the planning and care he takes to make moments special, such as planning a weekly Christmas Movie Monday night, complete with a movie choice, theme, and goodies.

My husband is strong, intelligent, funny, spontaneous, driven, perfectionistic, and romantic (at heart, although I do miss the days of sweet Post-It notes on the mirror, hint, hint).

While Connor is a pretty great blend of the two of us, I can see the little mischevious sparkle in his eye sometimes that could only come from Jason, and I love it.  I love that he has Jason's perfect lips and maniacal laugh.

These pictures reminded me that in spite of all of my complaints, wishes, hopes, and dreams for our marriage and for the future, I am pretty blessed right where I am today.

There is nothing more endearing than to see my husband in the role of father.  It brings out the best in him: tenderness, compassion, humor, and reckless abandon for all the stresses of life.

It is then that I see the carefree Jason I met 11 years ago, fell for, and am still madly in love with today.

Sometimes I just need a reminder of just how blessed I am.  At least for today, God, I get it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cold Weather Fashion Wishlist

In my spare time, these are a few of the things I have been admiring for the upcoming colder temperatures (allthough I am starting to wonder if it will stay cold -- it is mid-November and the high today is 63):

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I love chevron prints, and especially the print and color on this bold bag from Etsy.

A fellow blogger raved about La Mer watches, so I checked out their website, and I fell in love. These watches are fun and funky but still classy.  I especially love the wrap element.  The two above (in tobacco and plum) are my favorites, but there are tons more options.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

 winter leggings from Lulu's -- fun, festive, and warm

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

tall socks with boots (These are from Etsy) -- I am not certain if I am young or trendy enough to pull this look off, but it is too cute!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I love the idea of a blazer out of sweater material: comfortable yet structured.  This one is from Ann Taylor LOFT.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I am one of those strange people who loves colored pants, and this bright green pair from Gap is right up my alley.

There is something very appealing about a long, thick cardigan in the winter, especially with skinny jeans and boots.  This one from Old Navy is cute and reasonably priced.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

It is no secret that I love a good hair accessory, and although I rarely purchase any of them, I find myself looking at them often.  This one from Love Stitched (Etsy shop) is one of my favorites.  I love the color and the lace.

I love the products from Gussy Sews, one of my favorite blogs/shops. She also makes the cutest Kindle covers.

Another favorite hair accessory handmade line I love is Whippycake.  I love that this be clipped in or put on a headband.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

One item I do not have in my wardrobe is an infinity scarf.  I like the versatile color and the texture of this one from Gap.

I love the hourglass look of a wrap sweater.

Lace can be a difficult trend.  It can sometimes look too bridal, and with too much black lace, it can get a little hoochie.  But as a girly-girl, I love a touch of lace, and I think this Ann Taylor shirt has just the right amount to make it romantic and classic.

These last two looks are pieces I love if there were no budget, no mortgage, or for those of you with a more limitless supply of cash than I possess.  These just happen to be two of, in my opinion, the cutest dresses on the planet.

Lace and tulle, two of my favorite things.  I think this dress would awaken my unfulfilled childhood desire of being a ballerina.  It is just so pretty, feminine, and the best part, it's even modest!  I love it with the mustard tights, too.  Too bad it's from Anthropologie, and not on sale.  Boo.

And this last one may just be my favorite.  This dress is from a boutique in Arkansas called Riffraff.  I found them via Facebook, and they have some of the most unique, whimsical, and adorable clothes I've ever seen.  This dress, though, tops them all.  I love the fact that on top it just looks like a casual sweaterdress, but the bottom is all sparkle and ruffles.  It would be perfect with tights and heels, but just as adorable with leggings or skinny jeans and some cute flats.  I could think of a million ways to wear it, if only it were cheaper.  :)  I think it's the perfect balance of comfortable and fun, and as my mom knows well, this girl cannot resist a sparkle.  :)

I'd love to know what cold-weather looks you are loving right now, especially if they are budget-friendly.  :)  Happy winter window shopping!