Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween from the Davidsons

Happy Halloween from Woody, Jessie, and Buzz Lightyear!

Halloween this year was a blast!  Now that Connor is old enough to understand the fun of dressing up, showing off in front of family and friends, and getting "treats," the joy of this holiday was in abundance.

We began our afternoon at Mimi and Pops' house.

Next up was a visit to Aunt Beth and Unc's house, where we had a quick playtime with the doggies and a new sippy.

Then off we went to our church's Hallelujah party!

At church we devoured chili and some divine desserts (and Connor tried to eat some crackers off the floor), played games, and jumped in a bouncy house (Connor's favorite part) with friends.  Connor even got to sit in a police car...hopefully the only time he'll ever be in one.  We are blessed with an outstanding church family who put on a great party for the kids.

Next up was a visit to Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie's, where there were many goodies to be had.  Our last stop in "town" was to Grandma and Grandpa Egnew's house, where Connor received some yummy candy and a healthy apple (which he loved more than the candy, I think).  He showed off his Buzz Lightyear moves, and then we headed back toward home, stopping at Gran's along the way.  There he got even more goodies, and probably his favorite item of the night, a new train set.

at Grandma and Grandpa Egnew's

at Gran's
 We made our final stop at our starting point, Mimi and Pops' house.  Aunt "Ninny" (Linds) was finally home and could see Connor all dressed up.  We also borrowed Lindsay's laptop so we could Skype with Jason's parents. Connor was excited to see them, and despite some sound issues, he had a fun time showing off his costume and giving kisses to his grandparents in Louisville, one of the many reasons to be thankful for technology. We gathered up our gifts from Mimi (a new hat, sleeper, etc....) and headed home. We were all exhausted, so after an episode of Dino Dan, bedtime stories, songs, and a little bit of crying (We still aren't back on track with bedtime yet.), we were all off to sleep.

Halloween this year was the most fun I can remember, and I imagine it will only get better as Connor grows and becomes even more aware.  Thanks to everyone for the candy, fun, fellowship, and making this holiday so fun for our sweet boy!

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CN said...

So cute! You all looked fantastic!