Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Photo a Day Challenge -- Week 4

I thought I'd lump the last three extra days of January in with Week 4, so here are the rest of my January Days, the 22nd through the 31st.

Day 22 -- my shoes (forgot to grab a photo before I took them off)

Day 23 -- something old (a shirt given to me by my Uncie.  It was first worn by my mom; she passed it down to him, and now I have it.)

Day 24 -- guilty pleasure (sugar cookies at Cafe on the Square)

Day 25 -- something I made (ornament for Jason's stocking)

Day 26 -- color (my new favorite scarf, a gift from my sis)

Day 27 -- lunch (This was actually dinner because I failed to take a picture of my popcorn for lunch.  This was my first attempt at shrimp and cheese stuffed potatoes with bacon.)

Day 28 -- light (at my cousin's wedding)

Day 29 -- inside my fridge

Day 30 -- nature

Day 31 -- me, again (please excuse the lack of makeup)

After successfully completing the January challenge, I think I am going to try February, too.  Here is what it will look like:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Dancing Machine

On Saturday, we (Mom, Dad, Linds, Connor, and me) attended our cousin Christy's wedding in Indiana.

The ladies were all lovely, especially the bride, as well as our other cousin, Katelyn (who is the bride's sister)

the dresses were gorgeous

and the cake looked straight out of a fairytale.

It was a lovely evening of catching up with family we love but rarely see (with my mom, as usual, sneaking in a few kisses for Kyle)

but the most entertaining event of the evening for me was watching Connor on the dance floor.

This was Connor's first experience on a real dance floor with lights, a dj, and all the excitement of a crowd.  He was mesmerized, and danced nonstop, bawling when I made him leave the floor so the bride and groom could dance, toasts could be given, etc....

I learned Saturday night that my child is a dancing machine, and I love it.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend was one of the busiest but most fun-filled series of days we have had in quite a while.

It all began with basketball homecoming on Friday night.

As usual, I took up money and Jason announced the games.

Two of my former students, who also happen to be lovely young ladies, were part of the homecoming court.

with gorgeous Ally, who was 2nd runner-up

Syd (who got first runner-up) and her escort Jacob

After the game, as a chaperone for the senior trip, I helped with the homecoming dance, which helped raise funds to cut the cost of the trip for our seniors.

I arrived home by 11:30, and soon was asleep, but we were up bright and early Saturday morning for a special trip to Richmond.

Our best friends, the Jessops, were celebrating baby Luke's first birthday, and Connor had a blast with both Luke and his sister Leila.  We went early so the guys could watch the UK game and I could help Carrie-Nell prepare for the party.

As usual, we didn't get enough girl-time amongst all the work, but I think the boys owe us a spa day at some point.  :)

The party was adorable, with a sock monkey theme.  The food was simple and delicious, and I loved catching up with everyone, especially Carrie-Nell's parents who live in Alabama, and whom I hadn't seen in nearly three years.

The Jessops

We, unfortunately, had to cut out of the party early, but for a good reason...Jason and I had a rare, much needed, and romantic date night, all planned by my sweetie.

We dropped Connor off at Jason's parents' house, where we changed clothes and freshened up, and then we headed out for our night together.

Our first stop was Proof on Main, which I can now add to the list as one of the best restaurants I have visited.  The decor and atmosphere were unique, the lighting was beautiful, and the food was heavenly.  The restaurant is located right next to the lobby of 21C Museum Hotel, which houses an interesting (and somewhat bizarre) art gallery.

Jason ordered the bison tenderloin

while I had the Atlantic scallops.

We shared a dessert called soft chocolate.

After Proof, we walked the few blocks to our next destination, which both Jason and I were thrilled about.  Several months ago, he had purchased tickets for us to see "Fiddler on the Roof" at Whitney Hall.  He and I both love the play and the movie.

outside Proof, on our way to the theater

In college, I first saw it performed with the Begley Scholars at the Louisville Palace, and was in awe of the gorgeous theater, as well as the performance itself.  Jason's first experience seeing it was taking me to a dinner theater in Indiana.  Both of these experiences were wonderful, but the performance that night was the best I'd ever seen.  The gentleman playing Tevye simply made the show.  I sang along to every song (much to Jason's embarassment, I'm sure), laughed, and cried.  It was one of the best dates Jason has ever planned.  I knew there was a reason I fell for him.

We arrived home late, but stayed up even later talking and laughing with Jordan, Anitha, and Veronica.  It was a great night.

Sunday morning was spent with breakfast at Toast on Market.  Jason and I had eaten there once before, and immediately knew we wanted to return.  I had the Monte Cristo French toast (My camera was left behind, so I didn't get a photo.), which was savory and delicious. 

We headed from there to Sojourn, a place we love to worship when in Louisville.

Afterward, we met Jason's parents for lunch at Outback (I am drooling thinking of their cheese fries even now.), and after a quick trip to retrieve a forgotten Muno and blanket (leaving them in Louisville could have been disastrous), we were on our way toward home, where we collapsed onto the couch and enjoyed the last few hours of our weekend watching "The Princess and the Frog" with Connor.

There are times when I have a love/hate relationship with our busy schedule, but this weekend was one of those times when I love every second of our crazy, busy existence.  We are given one chance on this earth, and I hope Jason, Connor, and I are living it quite fully.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January Photo a Day Challenge -- Week 3

With a week filled with three basketball games, as well as a weekend jaunt to both Richmond and Louisville (posts about this fun-filled weekend coming soon), I got behind posting my pics on Instagram, but I still managed to take them.

I am continuing to enjoy getting into the habit of taking more (and hopefully better) photos.

Day 15 -- Happiness (this kid can always manage to make me happy)

Day 16 -- Morning (typical Saturday morning for Connor and me)

Day 17 -- Water

Day 18 -- Something bought (tomatoes for chili that night)

Day 19 -- Sweet

Day 20 -- Someone I Love (I actually got two of them in the photo.)

Day 21 -- reflection (I waited too late to get a good photo, so I ended up with an end of the day, last minute shot.)