Monday, January 30, 2012

Dancing Machine

On Saturday, we (Mom, Dad, Linds, Connor, and me) attended our cousin Christy's wedding in Indiana.

The ladies were all lovely, especially the bride, as well as our other cousin, Katelyn (who is the bride's sister)

the dresses were gorgeous

and the cake looked straight out of a fairytale.

It was a lovely evening of catching up with family we love but rarely see (with my mom, as usual, sneaking in a few kisses for Kyle)

but the most entertaining event of the evening for me was watching Connor on the dance floor.

This was Connor's first experience on a real dance floor with lights, a dj, and all the excitement of a crowd.  He was mesmerized, and danced nonstop, bawling when I made him leave the floor so the bride and groom could dance, toasts could be given, etc....

I learned Saturday night that my child is a dancing machine, and I love it.


Relinda said...

I love the last picture of Connor. He is such a doll.

Jacob Phelps said...

Connor is a cutie!