Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Recap: Part 4

After our late night at the Christmas Eve service (It was after midnight before Jason and I got to bed.), Connor actually slept in past 6 a.m., so we all took advantage and slept until about 7.  Jason and I got up and began to get ready for church and our trip to Lville, until we heard Connor stirring upstairs.

Our first view of Connor on Christmas morning

excited to see what Santa brought

We headed down the stairs for Connor to discover what Santa had left for him.

Connor's Santa presents

in awe

excited to ride

digging in

the only thing he specifically asked for -- a Buzz "Likeyear" (as C calls him)

opening stocking stuffers

gorgeous infinity scarf from Jason

love for Daddy

ornament I made for Jason at The Paint'n Place

Kindle Touch -- what Jason wanted but wouldn't buy for himself

Jason's gift to me -- a book he created/designed of all of our first emails to one another.  I look awful because this gift totally took me by surprise.  It was so thoughtful and romantic, and I have loved looking back at all how we fell in love.

After we opened gifts and got ready for church, Mom, Dad, Linds, Aunt MB, Uncie, Dustin, Jared, Gran, Grandma Egnew and Grandpa Egnew came over to enjoy breakfast and see Connor's gifts (I was too busy running around to take any pictures.).

After cleaning up and packing everything in the car, we headed to church to be reminded of the true reason for all of these fun celebrations.

As soon as church ended, we loaded up a sleepy boy and headed for Louisville, to spend the afternoon and evening celebrating with Jason's family.

After arriving, carrying in gifts and luggage, we visited Jason's grandpa in the nursing home before heading back for dinner.  After stuffing ourselves, we enjoyed some punch and opened gifts in our traditional fashion, from oldest to youngest.  We would have had Connor open his first, since he was most excited, but he fell asleep right after dinner and didn't wake up until the rest of us had finished opening our gifts.

Mawmaw and Jason

Lyle, Nanny, and Veronica

my favorite gift from Randy and Veronica -- a gift card to my favorite store in Franklin, Tennesse -- I can hardly wait to go there in February to spend it!

excited to open presents

art easel from Grandma and Paca

his favorite Louisville gift -- a mini trampoline

jumping away

a tricycle to keep in Lville

love from Paca

creating a masterpiece

exhausted from all the jumping

Here's a little video Jason took of Connor enjoying his trampoline on Christmas night:

Jason and I woke early on the 26th to do our usual after Christmas bargain hunting.  We didn't score as much as usual, but we found a few good items at Target and Cracker Barrell.

Around lunchtime we took Connor over to Jason's grandmother's house (Nanny) to enjoy a Happy Meal with Nanny's and Lyle's other great-grandchildren, which meant that we got to meet Lyle's twin great-granddaughters for the first time, and catch up with Jason's cousin Jennifer, her husband, Emery, and their three gorgeous girls.  Connor was a little cranky at first because he missed his nap, but he was sad to leave at the end of our visit.
That night, thanks to a free admission from my dear friend Lindsay, we all loaded up and took Connor to see the lights at the Mega Caverns.  Connor was enthralled with all the different displays.

Before heading back home on the 27th, Jason and I did one of our favorite things to do in any city we visit, which is try to a new restaurant.  We ate at Toast on Market (You can find their website and menus here.).  Connor slept through most of the meal, but besides a tired arm, it was a terrific visit to a new place.

enjoying his Sunergos coffee

I had the French toast, and it was amazing.  The berry sauce and whipped cream were much lighter than adding syrup but still retained a lot of sweetness.  It was some of the best French toast I have ever eaten.

After breakfast we headed to a consignment store so I could use a Groupon (I recommend Clothes Mentor in Louisville if you are looking for high-quality consignment shopping.), stopped by for one last visit with Jason's mom at work, stopped off at the mall to use a few gift cards, and then headed home to clean, put away new toys, and enjoy the last few days left of Christmas break.

Our final Christmas party came on the 28th, when Connor's wonderful childcare provider threw a party for all of the kiddos and parents.  We ate great food, talked, laughed, and watched the children run around and tear open gifts excitedly.

We have been abundantly blessed this Christmas season: in time, love, friendship, family, gifts, and most importantly in remembering that Jesus Christ was born to save us all.

I am always sad to see Christmas come to an end; the world just seems to be a brighter place this time of year.  Only 10 more months though, until I get to pull out all the decorations and enjoy them again!

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