Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Recap: Part 2

After making cookies on the morning of the 23rd, we headed home to relax and prepare for our next gathering.

That evening the Gossers, Egnews, and Davidsons came over to our house for a potluck dinner and a few rounds of Just Dance.

Linds and Connor helped me make tiramisu

Just Dance

Jared was the Just Dance champion

Dustin, Linds, Jared

Connor with his buddy "Jare-Jare"

After the celebration at our house, we headed to Gran's to spend the rest of the evening playing Catchphrase, watching Connor open a few presents, and heading to bed to wait for Santa to arrive.

most of the gang

with Linds and Aunt MB

with Mom and Linds


Connor got to open a few presents early

with one of his favorite toys from Aunt MB -- a giant talking Woody doll

riding around with Jared

After staying up much too late, laughing with cousins, and reading books in Gran's basement, the cousins all slept in the basement (FYI: none of us slept very comfortably on pallets in the floor) for a few short hours until it was time to walk upstairs to receive our traditional Santa presents.

Connor seeing his Santa present -- he has played with this nonstop (It is really from Aunt Linds...sorry Santa.)

The rest of us got some pretty great Santa items, too.  Jason got a vintage typewriter that he loves; I got the over-the-knee boots I have been wishing for via Pinterest for months; Linds got a sewing machine (I cannot wait for her to learn so she can make us stuff!); Dustin got Apple TV; and Jared got a crazy-looking headset he can use for videogames.

Jason with his typewriter

Tradition is that after seeing our Santa presents, we open stockings, open presents, then eat a delicious breakfast by Gran.  This year proved no different, except that we had to finish Connor's presents later, because he fell asleep at the breakfast table in his high chair.

after opening stockings


sleepy boy before breakfast

Jared sporting one of his favorite gifts

cousins with Gran

After breakfast we headed home to put up lots of toys and goodies and get ready for the rest of a fun, busy day.  Part 3 will continue with the rest of Christmas Eve's celebrations.

For now, I'll leave you with two precious videos: Connor falling asleep at breakfast and then another of him after we laid him down.  I want to always be able to remember how sweet he looked as he slept.

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