About Me

I am a wife, mom, child of God, high school English teacher, learner, reader, writer, and a lover of food, fashion, and a good bargain.

I began blogging to have an outlet to write down and remember all the things I want Connor (my nearly 2 year-old) to know about his childhood and our lives, and to document each step along the way with words and pictures. I occasionally throw in recipe, travel, and fashion posts along the way, too.

Jason and I have been married for over eight years, and I love him fiercely.  He is, in many ways, my opposite.  He is outgoing, hilarious, and spontaneous, while I am more shy in a crowd, am only funny when I do something klutzy, and prefer a list and plan for every aspect of life.  He keeps me from being too serious, and I keep him on track.  :)  He is the best dad, and I love seeing him with Connor; it melts me.

Connor is the biggest joy of my life, besides my salvation.  He is a precious, fun-spirited, affectionate, smart little boy who loves life and laughter.  Although motherhood is the most challenging job of my life, it is also the most rewarding.  There is nothing like seeing his face each morning, feeling his hugs and kisses, and tucking him in with his stuffed Muno and blanket each night.


I am blessed beyond what I deserve, and I hope I never fail to give God praise for the gifts he has given me.  I love my family, my life, and I am excited about the journey of sharing those things with you, too.

Laura Ashley