Thursday, August 30, 2012

14 Weeks

When I was pregnant with Connor, I didn't have this little blog space, so the only way I had to record my experience (which I should have written down in more detail, although I did go back and write Connor's birth story here) was through Facebook and MySpace (Yes, I did still have a MySpace account three years ago.).

This time around I wanted to document more thoroughly what I remember from various points in the pregnancy.  While I probably will not post every single week (at least not until much closer to the end), I found inspiration from several other mom and pregnant bloggers to fill out this survey at least once a month to help me remember how I was feeling during this time, because, as with Connor, I am sure it will all be a blur once he/she arrives.

I pieced the questions together from difference questionnaires I'd seen online, and here is what I am experiencing and feeling so far:  :)

How far along?  14 weeks, 2 days

How big is baby?   size of a lemon  :)

Total weight gain/loss:  +3 pounds so far

Maternity clothes?  I am still wearing my regular clothes, but with pants I have to use the rubber band through the button hole and around the button trick.  Fun times.

Stretch marks:  Just the stretch marks I already had from Connor and weight gain/loss over the years.

Sleep:  I definitely wake up at least once in the night, if not more, and sometimes it takes 1/2 an hour to an hour to fall back asleep.

Best moment this week: At our appointment yesterday we heard the heartbeat (again), and that is always the most wonderful, relieving sound to this mom's ears.

Movement:  I feel little bubbles of movement at times, but nothing significant yet.

Food cravings:  Hawaiian shaved ice (still craving it after having it last week), anything bland or with lots of bread or cheese involved

Food Aversions:  Meat is still not particularly appealing to me, especially pork for some reason.

Gender:   ?  

Labor Signs:  None at all, thankfully.

Symptoms:  Nausea (if I get too hungry), exhaustion (or maybe this is just from the start of school), and some trouble sleeping

Belly Button in or out? In 

What I miss:  Exercise, but this is not because of pregnancy, but because I have been too busy to go lately.  I need to get back in a good routine!

What I am looking forward to:  Hopefully finding out the sex of baby #2 at our next appointment!

Upcoming appointments/events:  The anatomy scan (and hopefully gender reveal) are on September 27th (which also happens to be the day before Connor's third birthday)

Weekly Wisdom:  Carpe diem --  I am remembered to seize every day I have with Connor before baby #2 arrives...he is growing up too fast.

14 weeks
(I don't have a comparison picture from when I was pregnant with Connor, because I wasn't even showing at that point in my pregnancy with him.)  What a difference three years and a lack of ab muscles makes.  :(

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fair Weekend

After a fun-filled last weekend, we had another full schedule this past weekend.  We arrived in Louisville Friday night (with a happy Laura in tow, since Jason got me the Hawaiian shaved ice I have been craving for weeks), and enjoyed a yummy dinner at Red Lobster with Jason's family.

Saturday was the continuation of one of our favorite traditions.  Since Jason and I have been married, we have visited the Kentucky State Fair every year.  Now that tradition involves Connor and a stroller being maneuvered through the crowds, but it was completely worth it.

We had a fun time looking at cows and sheep, perusing the booths, and looking at all the crazy food options (and chowing down on some of them).

After a long day at the fair (and a long nap in the stroller), Connor was thrilled to come home and play at Jason's parents' house, particularly in the frog sprinkler.  :)

Saturday night, Jason and I got our first date in over two months (our last one was a quick meal at Wendy's on our anniversary after one of the worst days of our lives), and it was glorious.  Usually, when we need a babysitter, it is for something necessary, like a meeting, dr. appointment, or kickboxing (which I should make more necessary than I have lately), but it isn't usually for a date night.

It was glorious.  Jason had a Groupon to the Fish Fry House in the Highlands, and our food was delicious.

Sunday morning was spent at Jason's favorite breakfast spot in Lville, Toast on Market (It is a close second for me...Lynn's Paradise Cafe is my all-time favorite.).  While Jason got his usual toast and eggs, I opted for an early lunch option, and it was SO worth it.  My grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup were just as delicious and satisfying as I had hoped.

Toast was followed by attending Sojourn's first day of services in their new building, and then lunch with Veronica (Thank you!) before heading home.

While busy, it was another wonderful weekend.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family Weekend

Jason, Connor, and I spent a little family time together in the Newport/Florence/Cincinnati area last weekend.

Saturday morning was spent at the Newport Aquarium.  Connor was obsessed with the sharks, as well as with the divers who were cleaning the tanks and feeding the fish.  He cried when we left.

After a yummy lunch at Five Guys (our first time eating there) and a trip to the candy store for some gummy sharks (for Connor) and a caramel apple (for me), we attempted an afternoon nap (to no avail).

Jason's favorite part of the weekend was yet to come.  At the beginning of baseball season, Jason immediately checked to see when the Cubs would be in town playing the Reds, and scooped up two tickets for last Saturday's game (Since Connor is still 2, he was free...his last free MLB trip, for sure.).

We arrived at the park early (as my baseball-loving husband needs to see batting practice).  The weather was perfect, the food was good (LaRosa's pizza and ice cream for me, and pizza and a shared Lemon Ice for the boys), and the game ended in our favor with a Cubbies win!  :)

We left early Sunday morning in time to make it to church, with a little boy in the backseat who wouldn't take off his (free) Reds hat...Daddy did not approve but let him wear it anyway.  :)

I cannot remember a more fun-filled weekend with two of my favorite people in a long time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Family Is...

It's true.  Baby Davidson #2 is on the way.

We are thrilled, a little nervous, and Connor is oblivious.   :)

This has been one of the main reasons for my absence from blogging as of late.  This time around has been totally different than with Connor. With him I felt pretty much "normal" the whole time, able to do everything I always did.  This time around, I have been nauseous pretty much all day every day, as well as completely exhausted.

Naps have become my favorite part of the day, and Jason has truly been my prince, doing more cooking than ever before and tending to me when I am pitiful.  I adore him.  Connor has been just as sweet, making sure I feel okay and giving me lots of cuddles and kisses.  He tells me all the time, "Momma, I a doctor.  I make you feel better."

 (I know, I know, it'll all be worth it, but I just needed to complain for a second.  I'm done now.)    :)

We do covet your prayers over the next few months, for health, good appointments, and the adjustments of expanding our family to four.

All the photos from this post were taken by one of my dearest friends in the world, and one of the most talented ladies I know, Candice Robertson.  You can find her Facebook page here.  Thank you SO much, Candice!

Even though taking our announcement photos was enough work for an afternoon, Candice continued to snap some photos of Connor for us.  I cannot believe that I have a little boy and not a baby anymore.