Monday, August 27, 2012

Fair Weekend

After a fun-filled last weekend, we had another full schedule this past weekend.  We arrived in Louisville Friday night (with a happy Laura in tow, since Jason got me the Hawaiian shaved ice I have been craving for weeks), and enjoyed a yummy dinner at Red Lobster with Jason's family.

Saturday was the continuation of one of our favorite traditions.  Since Jason and I have been married, we have visited the Kentucky State Fair every year.  Now that tradition involves Connor and a stroller being maneuvered through the crowds, but it was completely worth it.

We had a fun time looking at cows and sheep, perusing the booths, and looking at all the crazy food options (and chowing down on some of them).

After a long day at the fair (and a long nap in the stroller), Connor was thrilled to come home and play at Jason's parents' house, particularly in the frog sprinkler.  :)

Saturday night, Jason and I got our first date in over two months (our last one was a quick meal at Wendy's on our anniversary after one of the worst days of our lives), and it was glorious.  Usually, when we need a babysitter, it is for something necessary, like a meeting, dr. appointment, or kickboxing (which I should make more necessary than I have lately), but it isn't usually for a date night.

It was glorious.  Jason had a Groupon to the Fish Fry House in the Highlands, and our food was delicious.

Sunday morning was spent at Jason's favorite breakfast spot in Lville, Toast on Market (It is a close second for me...Lynn's Paradise Cafe is my all-time favorite.).  While Jason got his usual toast and eggs, I opted for an early lunch option, and it was SO worth it.  My grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup were just as delicious and satisfying as I had hoped.

Toast was followed by attending Sojourn's first day of services in their new building, and then lunch with Veronica (Thank you!) before heading home.

While busy, it was another wonderful weekend.

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