Friday, March 29, 2013

Slow Down

I don't know exactly how to describe life with a newborn if you haven't ever lived with one.  It's as though time goes more quickly than you can imagine yet drags at the same time, often because you spend a good majority of your day sitting down feeding and burping a little bundle.

Added March 28, 2013

I often find myself wondering what I have actually accomplished at the end of the day, mainly because I am such a Type-A personality who feels the constant need to have a list to check off and things to do that I unconsciously find myself telling Jason all the things I did while he was at school so he won't think I was just a lazy bum all day, since the floor I cleaned, and the laundry I did, and the living room I picked up are all in disarray by the time he walks in the door. (I have an even greater appreciation -- and a teensy bit of jealousy-- these days for mothers who work inside the home.  The job is so hard but so rewarding.  I hate missing moments with my kiddos, even though I truly believe and pray that I can make a difference in the lives of my students as well.)

Added March 28, 2013
my view quite often -- holding a crying baby while Connor hangs onto my leg -- and her leg

However, as frustrating as that feeling of a lack of accomplishment to someone with my personality is, at the same time, I am trying to soak in what God is teaching me during this time.  It's okay if the laundry piles up, or crumbs from Connor's lunch are under the table, or that the gigantic tent Jason put up in Connor's room stays up entirely too long.  IT. IS. OKAY.

Added March 28, 2013

The time I have exclusively at home with my babies is now limited to three more weeks...three weeks before I go back to my normal, hectic schedule of juggling school, home, church, kids, husband (although he probably shouldn't be so far down the list), and so on.

Added March 28, 2013

Thankfully for me, my job allows a good deal of time off in the summer, and I think I am looking forward to this summer as much as my favorite summer of all time -- the first summer after Jason and I were finished with both our Masters and Rank I and had NO classes.  :)

Added March 28, 2013

Having London has really caused me to slow down and appreciate the moment.  It is not that I didn't appreciate Connor, but now seeing how quickly time goes with her makes me realize how much I missed with him in being busy, stressed, and wanting him to hit all his milestones as quickly as possible and become a "big boy."  Now I want more than anything for him to stay my little boy, but he now to me looks gigantic compared to London.  He's a BOY, not a baby, and I am realizing more than ever that these moments, while some of the most frustrating, stressful, and difficult as a parent (Wow, I have learned that three year-olds can have attitude!), they are the moments I'll be wishing I had back one day.

Added March 28, 2013

So if you see me running around frantically, remind me to SLOW. DOWN.  Life is short and I don't want to miss the important things because I was too busy to see them.  I pray that God will help me remember this lesson and not to miss what really matters.

Added March 28, 2013

Added March 28, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Month

Today our sweet London is one month old.  It is nearly impossible to believe that she has been in our arms for four weeks now.

March 2013

Despite the typical adjustments with a newborn, she has fit seamlessly into our family, a missing piece we didn't even realize we needed until she was here.

March 2013

Jason and I are smitten, as is her big brother.  He tells her all the time what a good baby she is, how pretty she is, and how they are "best friends."

March 2013
And a good baby she is.  She is alert when awake, but even though she doesn't nap super well during the day (and likes to stay up from about 2-3:30 at night) she does sleep from her nighttime feeding at 9 until 2 most nights.  She loves to look around, and thankfully she doesn't seem to be bothered by lots of noise from Connor.  She is content most of the time, unless hungry or gassy, and even then she is very easy to calm.

March 2013

Connor, London, and I spent the day at home, her lounging and us playing lots of pretend.  It was one of the best days we've had since her arrival.  I feel so blessed to have been blessed with two amazing children, and a wonderful husband and family to share them with.  God is good.
March 2013

I thought it would be fun to compare Connor and London at their different ages.  Below on the left is Connor at one month old, in October 2009, and on the right, obviously, is London.  Jason bought them each a respective stuffed animal to take their picture with each month.  Connor still loves his giraffe.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Bath

Late last week, London's umbilical cord came off, which meant that she could get her first "real" bath.  With Connor, we bathed him for a long time in a small, plastic tub that we put in the sink.  However, this time around, the night before I was induced with London, we watched a series of videos from a company called Moms on Call (Thank you, Erin, for introducing them to me...I am so grateful!), which suggested a different method of bathing baby, involving submerging her in a large tub, letting her arms and legs float, and holding her head.

I was a little bit apprehensive about trying this new (to me) method, because Connor always loved taking a bath and his little tub was just fine, but I thought if we were going to do the Moms on Call method, we should try it all, and so we did.

Here are a few photos from London Elise's first bath:

First Bath

First Bath

First Bath

First Bath

First Bath

First Bath

First Bath

After all of my reservations, she actually loved the bath.  She spent the whole time looking around, wide-eyed, and only cried once she got a little chilly as we were taking her out.

Even though I've experienced all these newborn moments before, I now realize just how fleeting they are, so I am trying my best to savor all the tiny moments, bathing her, smelling her newborn head, every sleepless moment spent feeding or changing her.  I blinked and Connor was 3 1/2.  I know the same will happen with London, so now my goal is to enjoy each moment with both of them, knowing that I won't have them this way forever.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Two Weeks with London Elise

Little Miss London is two weeks old today, and already she fits perfectly into our family.

Connor loves her (and hovers over her) so much.  I didn't know that my heart could hold any more love for him, but seeing him with her has only increased the love I feel for our sweet boy.  Last night he told me that he and Daddy were "kings" and London and I were "princesses."  He looks at her and says things like, "You're a good girl, aren't you?" and "You are so beautiful."

As for London, she definitely has Jason smitten; he loves having a little girl to snuggle.

To celebrate two weeks of her precious presence in our lives, here are a few photos from our first two weeks with London Elise:

one day old with her sweet brother

one day old

two days old and about to head home from the hospital

two days old

two days old and meeting Paca and Grandma for the first time

6 days old and posing with the crazy haired Mimi and Aunt Beth

one week old with proud big brother

one week old

one week old

first outing -- follow-up dr. visit -- 9 days old

booties made by Becky Wilson -- 9 days old

I couldn't leave out a picture of the masterpiece we created on our first day home without Daddy.

watching cartoons with big brother -- 12 days old

sweet baby lips

about to head out on our first outing with all four of us at the same time -- 13 days old

enjoying time with Daddy -- 13 days old

Two weeks with our sweet girl have flown by, and I am cherishing each of the moments I have left at home with her before I go back to school.  I can't believe how blessed we are with the two most wonderful children ever.  God is good.