Sunday, January 22, 2012

January Photo a Day Challenge -- Week 3

With a week filled with three basketball games, as well as a weekend jaunt to both Richmond and Louisville (posts about this fun-filled weekend coming soon), I got behind posting my pics on Instagram, but I still managed to take them.

I am continuing to enjoy getting into the habit of taking more (and hopefully better) photos.

Day 15 -- Happiness (this kid can always manage to make me happy)

Day 16 -- Morning (typical Saturday morning for Connor and me)

Day 17 -- Water

Day 18 -- Something bought (tomatoes for chili that night)

Day 19 -- Sweet

Day 20 -- Someone I Love (I actually got two of them in the photo.)

Day 21 -- reflection (I waited too late to get a good photo, so I ended up with an end of the day, last minute shot.)

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Brittany @Lovestitcehd said...

fun pics -your son is a cutie ;)