Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

Almost every year since 2005, we have spent New Year's Eve with our dear friends Bo and Carrie-Nell (I blame their stint in Portugal for the year(s) we missed getting to hang out.).

Years ago, it was our tradition to get all dressed up, go out to eat, go bowling/watch a movie/do some other activity to pass a few hours, and then head to Morton's to have dessert.  Everyone, except Jason, always got the lava cake (Ever the rebel, Jason typically ordered cheesecake as opposed to the yummy chocolate goodness that is Morton's lava cake.).  It was always a fun night full of fun, laughter, great conversation, and memories.

Morton's especially has been a place of fond memories.  There was the time we tried to eavesdrop on an interesting couple's conversation (not our finest moment), kissing (our respective husbands, of course) at midnight in fun hats with balloons surrounding us, and seeing the UofL basketball team dining there on NYE one year.

Much has changed, however, since 2005.

Six years and three kiddos amongst us later, our NYE celebrations are quite less dressy but no less fun.

We spent our time exchanging belated Christmas gifts,

playing outside,

and ringing in the new year with sparkling grape juice, homemade lava cakes, and watching the ball drop, all while one of the kiddos slept on the chaise.

Soon after midnight, we were all fast asleep...maybe it wasn't as glamorous as years past (and I certainly am no longer as thin as way back then), but it was another fun NYE with the Jessops.


Anonymous said...

Lava cake is my all time favorite dessert! Connor and Leila (I think that's right?) look like brother and sister; they resemble so much!

CN said...

[sigh] There was so much less of me then. Wonder what it would take to get back there. :D