Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Recap: Part 3

I left off my Christmas story on the morning of Christmas Eve.  After getting home, putting away toys, playing with Connor, and making corn pudding for our next stop, we were off to my grandparents' house to celebrate with the Egnews. 

Tradition is to eat, listen to Grandpa read the Christmas story, and then open gifts (the cousins all exhange names and the adults bring gift cards and play Dirty Santa).

Allison's delicious crescent-wrapped Brie

dinner at Gma Egnew's

exchanging gifts -- I got an adorable apron and recipe book from Kim, and Jason got a C.S. Lewis book and some shaving goodies.

Connor opening his gifts -- everyone was so generous and thoughtful

Although I did question why Allison and Travis got Connor a toy which included a "Laura Giganotosaurus"  :)

C with Gma Egnew

Connor grabbed Grandma's devotional book and proceeded to open it and say:  "Once upon a time.  Jesus.  The end."  I think he pretty much got the main point.  :)

Our last stop before heading home was to the Christmas Eve service at our church.  I love this service, its meaning, the fact that our family is all together, and putting the focus back on Christ's birth, but with all that said, the service is at 10 p.m., which has made, for the past two years, a very unhappy Connor in the audience.  I am hoping that it will get easier as he gets older, but for now, once he gets too tired but can't get fall asleep, a meltdown ensues, which lead to Connor, Mom, and me taking him home early, Jason (who plays in the praise band) riding home with my dad and Linds, and missing the gorgeous rendition of "Silent Night."

Thankfully, Jason got a verse of it on video from his spot on stage, so I was able to enjoy it, at least in part.

Connor was, of course, sound asleep by the time we got home.  We tucked him in, filled the stockings, set out his presents, and went to sleep, anxiously awaiting his reaction the next morning.

Part 4 will include Christmas morning at home and Christmas afternoon/evening with Jason's family in Louisville.

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