Sunday, November 27, 2011


It has been far too long since I wrote last.  I have missed journaling and posting photos terribly, mainly because there are so many things I want to record for Connor that I know I'll forget if I don't keep at this on a regular basis.

However, I have been heartily enjoying life these last couple of weeks.  Things have been crazy (I feel like I say that every week, though.) in the lives of the Davidsons, but in many good ways.  Since I last blogged we/I have:

- gone to a beautiful wedding

- had another Christmas Movie Monday (I'll Be Home for Christmas) with a homestyle dinner theme

- helped host a baby shower for a sweet friend/colleague

- painted pottery with my mom and sis to celebrate Mom's 50th birthday

- taken 49 students to KYA (a tiring but inspiring experience)

- and celebrated Thanksgiving with people I love.

There are so many things to be thankful for: a wonderful husband, precious son, family, friends, church, small group, our home, and too many other blessings to count.

I am thankful that Connor is growing healthy and strong, that he is talking more every day, even if his newest phrase is, "Big turds."  Seriously.  I am thankful he is now learning to say please, thank you, and sorry without being prompted.  I am thankful God blessed us with such a sweet, empathetic, outgoing boy.

All I can say is that today and always, I am simply thankful to God for blessing me more than I deserve.


lori said...

love yours and your hubby's wedding outfits!!

Anonymous said...

Love that last pic of you and Connor. So sweet!

pamjwilson said...

candice is super talented! that is one of my favorite pictures of you & connor! <3 it!