Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

This week has been another fun, crazy time at the Davidson house.

Friday after school we headed with Linds, Mom, Dad, and Gran to Cafe on the Square for dinner (one of my favorite spots), and then to Lindsay's church for their conference.  It was a fun night with family, and Linds, as always, likes to show Connor off at church.

"Not Your Kids' Grilled Cheese" and cranberry walnut salad

The cookies at the Cafe are nearly as big as Connor's head...and delicious, too!


Arriving home from church Friday night, we were greeted by our dear friends, the Jessops, who spent the weekend with us.  Jason and Bo enjoyed talk of sports and the "apartment days" (as always), CN and I talked and talked and talked (as always), and the kiddos played wonderfully (despite Connor smashing Leila's toe with the door...sorry!).  Connor cried when Leila left and has been asking to play with her ever since. 
early morning jam session

lunch at Manner's

Small group, as usual, was held on Sunday afternoon, but our hosts but a twist on the evening with some fun Halloween games and decorations for the kids, and a fun and funny "Newlywed"-style game for the adults.  We didn't get any of our book study done, but we have great food, fellowship, and lots of laughter.

bobbing for fish

look at that face...he thought folks knocking over Shrek was hilarious (see below)

a little game of Just Dance for Kids

I posted about our wonderful Halloween here, but here's a little peek at our costumes from Monday:

Tuesday is usually one of our craziest days.  Jason has Y-Club until 4:30, and if I have the opportunity, I like to go to kickboxing at 5:30, so he usually gets home, we eat quickly, and then he and Connor have some Daddy/son time while I have an hour of butt-kicking fun.  The only difference was that last Tuesday after kickboxing I headed over to the football field to watch the band's final performance of the season.  They were just awarded third place at the state competition, and I am extraordinarily proud of them, my past and current students, and especially my student-aide and senior color guard member, Sydney.  Music has always been a passion for me, and seeing these students on the field only ignited that further.  Their performance was moving, and I am thankful I was able to see the show.

senior band members


Wednesday, for our family, was a long-awaited day.  Connor's birthday was in September, but as his gift, we bought tickets to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live in Knoxville at the Tennessee Theater.  Jason and I both left school early to pick up our boy, had dinner at the Downtown Grill, and then walked to the theater.  Connor could sense the excitement in the air, and there was much excitement to be had with all the kiddos running around.  When the characters finally came on stage, Connor yelled out, "Muno!" then proceeded to spend the rest of the show in silence, eyes wide.  Jason and I were worried he wasn't having a good time, but at the intermission he was begging for them to "come back."  We sang along to all the songs, had a "party in our tummies," and "got our sillies out," all while enjoying every moment of time with our precious boy.  Although there are other concerts I'd much prefer to attend, seeing the joy on Connor's face after viewing his favorite characters in person was priceless.  It was a great night with our little guy.

before the show

This is basically what he did the entire night.

with the overpriced light Daddy bought him

Connor loved when it "snowed."

heading home

Thursday night Jason's parents came for a visit, which of course amped up Connor's energy level.  He loves playing with them.

Random thoughts for the week:

- Connor has started asking questions like, "What's that?" and "What you doing?"  He is very inquisitive, always wants answers, and explanations, even for things as simple as what shampoo is or what I am doing when I am baking.

- He loves to turn on the oven light and watch what is baking inside, especially if it is a "treat."  I hope he'll love to cook as much as Jason and I do.  I can imagine us all cooking together before too long.  :)

- Our school held a Rachel's Challenge assembly on Thursday.  For those unfamiliar, Rachel Scott was the first student killed at Columbine.  I was a junior in high school when the tragedy at Columbine occurred, and I can still remember vividly all of the fear, anxiety, and sympathy I felt in the days following.  As a high school student at the time, the event hit very close to home.  The assembly, I believe, touched me just as much as it did our students, and I hope that it will inspire a culture of kindness.  I believe in general that we have great students with good hearts, but I know that most of us do not actively seek out those who are struggling.  I hope that this reminder will motivate us all to do what we can to change our little corner of the world.

- In relation, a fellow teacher at a recent meeting suggested reading Columbine by Dave Cullen (She currently reads it with her senior classes.).  I immediately downloaded the free sample and am now itching to buy it.  I'd love to know if anyone else has read it and what you thought.

Random photos for the week:

Connor made this trick-or-treat bag with Miss Steph

Connor and I enjoyed the sunrise as we left for school this morning.

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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your lunch looks delish! and connor's argyle sweater and sweater vest are so cute!