Friday, February 1, 2013

Murray Weekend

Jason, Connor, and I spent two weekends ago visiting two of our favorite boys, Dustin and Jared (also known as Jare-Jare to Connor) at their college, Murray State University.

It was quite the drive at nearly four hours, so by the time we arrived on Friday night, we didn't do much except collapse and fall asleep at Dustin's apartment.

Saturday morning we hung out at the house and ate breakfast until Jared's arrival, after which they took us on a tour of campus, which was gorgeous, and the sunny day was perfect for walking outside.

One of the most interesting parts of campus was the "shoe tree," where couples who meet at Murray State come back and nail a pair of their shoes to the tree when they get married.

We also spent some time browsing the campus store, and I found several adorable items for London.

We ended up with this cute diaper cover as her first Murray gear.

We had lunch at Matt B's, where the pizza was gigantic and delicious, and after a drive around town we headed back to let the guys spend the afternoon watching sports, while Connor climbed all over and loved on Dustin and Jared as much as he could.

That evening we ate at Nick's, where the portions were again gigantic and the food was yummy, and then we headed to our last stop of the trip, a Murray State basketball game.  The arena was very nice, and we were lucky enough to see a great comeback and win from the Racers.

When Connor realized that we were all parting ways at the car after the game, he started crying and said, "I am so so sad."  He loves his cousins so much, and they are so patient and wonderful with him.  I can see now why they love their college, but I wish they were a bit closer.  :(

Before our visit, I had no idea what Murray had to offer, but the town is quaint, the food is good, the campus is gorgeous, and Dustin and Jared have found a second home as Racers...I'm just hoping they decide to come home sometime, as does Connor.

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Anonymous said...

My best friend went to Murray. I've never been but have heard it's nice!