Friday, February 1, 2013

Photos by Candice of C. Robertson Photography

I have posted about her many times before, but I must say again that Candice Robertson of C. Robertson Photography (Check out her Facebook page here for lots more of her amazing work.) is one of the most talented women I know.  I am blessed to work with her in the classroom on a daily basis, and I have also had the privilege of her taking some of my favorite photos of Connor and our family.  Here are just a few of my favorite photos she has taken for us over the years:

This time around was no exception as Candice captured some photos of our family before little London's arrival in just a few weeks.

With Candice's very busy photography schedule (You should seriously book her...she's fantastic) and trying to balance it with our busy schedule as well, our only day for photos was an extremely frigid Saturday morning. The conditions were not ideal, but she still captured, as she always does, shots that I will always treasure. Thank you SO much, Candice, for braving the cold weather to get these shots! 

We took with us to the shoot one of my favorite items in London's nursery, and it might just be my favorite photo of all!  This carousel horse was purchased by my mom in pretty rough condition and she had it painted and restored.  I love it, and can't wait to hang this on London's wall!

I really love this one of Connor kissing his baby sister -- I just hope he's this sweet when she arrives!  :)

My favorite part about this next one is the sweet smile on Connor's face.  It completely captures who he is.

Thanks, Candice; the Davidsons love you!

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