Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Friend and a Camera

Lindsay Williams has been one of my best friends since we first met in 7th grade, when four elementary schools converged into one building known as the Russell County Middle School.  My friendship with her has endured middle and high school, college (in different places), marriage for both of us, a move to Vegas (for her), children, as well as the normal ups and downs any friendship that has existed for over 15 years might encounter.  I love the fact that we share so much history, and there are few people I feel more comfortable with than Lindsay.

After my other friend Candice so bravely endured the weather (and possibly caught pneumonia) to capture some shots outside for us, Lindsay graciously offered to bring over her camera to take some inside photos and play around with some ideas on Pinterest we had seen.  Lindsay loves Pinterest as much as I do, and she has recently renewed an interest in photography (She has taken some precious photos of her own kiddos.), and so I was grateful when she came for an afternoon to visit and take some photos with us.  She has also recently started her own blog, which you can find here.

She will tell you that she isn't very good, but I loved how these photos turned out, and I am so thankful for her friendship.  I am extra thankful that I have both Lindsay's and Candice's photos to document this pregnancy.

Thank you so much, Lindsay, for coming over and taking these photos.  I love them (and you)!

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Anonymous said...

Each and every one of these pictures is beautiful! Awesome job, Lindsay!