Monday, September 26, 2011

Gabba Birthday Bash

Connor's second birthday party, on Sunday, was (at least from my viewpoint) a smashing success!  I hope everyone who came had as great a time as I had planning and executing it all.  There are SO many people for me to thank, but first, here are all the details.
I had been thinking, planning, and searching Pinterest for several months, hoping to come up with ideas to make Connor's party special, but with things that I could make/cook/do to save money.  I was inspired by so many things I saw, and the final product turned out to be just what I had hoped: fun, whimsical, and bright.

The true preparations began on Saturday morning, when I started baking whoopie pies, cake mix cookie sandwiches, cupcakes, and dipping Muno pretzels. 

My mom showed up at Connor's naptime and stayed there while I ran to pick up two banners, DJ Lance glasses, extra napkins, and a 5-foot stand-up Muno from Amanda, whose son had a Gabba party a few months ago (Thanks SO much!).

Once back home, Mom helped me with everything (She was definitely a lifesaver that day...thanks Mom!), from icing the cupcakes to hanging up fabric, banners, organizing the dessert table, fluffing pom poms, cutting paper toppers/decorations for tables, making flower pot centerpieces, and cleaning up.  A couple more trips were made, to pick up amazing cupcake toppers from Shanna (see below) and the most amazing Muno cutout made by Gina Blakey (I nearly cried when I saw it.).

cupcake toppers and jumbo cupcake from Suga Sisters

Muno cutout made by the uber talented Gina Blakey

It was a long day, and I was exhausted by the time Connor went to be, but my sleep was rather fitful, due to anxiousness about Sunday.

Connor, as usual, woke up early Sunday morning (6 a.m.), we headed to church, to the grocery afterward to pick up last-minute drinks, and then home to do the final preparations.  Connor's nap, which usually lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours, instead became 30 minutes, so the remainer of the party preparations were spent wrangling a child while trying to set out food, desserts, centerpieces, ice, etc...  It was chaotic, but Connor felt the energy of the day and was so excited.

Once guests started arriving, I got caught up in the chaos of greeting everyone, making sure food was out and ready, plates were full, while also being sure that Connor wasn't destroying any presents (He literally ran up the the pile of presents at one point and tackled them, rolling around, seemingly delighting in his good fortune.).

Our cousin, Jared, was so kind as to volunteer to be DJ Lance for the day, dressing up in costume and surprising Connor with a visit.  Connor seemed a bit stunned and apprehensive at first, but by the time DJ Lance had to leave, Connor hugged him tightly (see pics below).

I will let the rest of the day speak for itself in pictures, with a few captions along the way.

dessert table

food table

Muno birthday shirt

about to blow out his birthday candle

devouring his cupcake

so thankful for the perfect weather

Connor meeting DJ Lance for the first time

He was hesitant at first, but by the time he left, he was hugging DJ Lance and has been asking for him ever since!

DJ Lance with some of his many fans.

the kiddos enjoyed making faces in the Muno cut-out

relishing tearing the paper on his gifts (this was before he got bored and started to run around)
just some of the many wonderful gifts from our generous friends and family
loving his new table from Grandma and Pacau

saying goodbye to Lainey and Kendall
Connor and LG
our lovely family and friends
more gracious guests

Connor digging with Ty and Laura

with my pretty mom and sis

pretending to be DJ Lance ourselves
Thanks to everyone who made Connor's day so special!

 As the party was winding down, the guys loaded up chairs and tables, Veronica and Lainey helped me organize gifts and throw away wrapping paper, and we visited with the last few guests into the early evening.  It was a wonderful time of fun and fellowship, and celebrating the life of our precious Connor, who has brought more joy into our lives than he will ever know.

It is now Monday afternoon, and there are still plates to be washed, toys to be put away, and cupcakes to eat (that's the easy part).  But none of that matters right now, because I am looking at photos of a little boy who is all smiles, running wild with his friends, tearing open gifts, and hugging a character from his favorite show.  Every ounce of energy put into this party was all to see that smile on his face and sparkle in his eye, and you know what?  It was worth it.  Every second was worth that priceless giggle, and the joy of having many of our family and friends together to celebrate one of God's greatest gifts to me, my son.

Many, many thanks goes to:

Suga Sisters (visit their blog here) for the amazing cake toppers and jumbo cupcake for Connor

Sevyn Designs for the pom poms for the dessert table (check out their Etsy shop here)

Gina Blakey for the special Muno cut-out, complete with moving arms -- Connor loves him!

Pam Wilson for making Connor's adorable Muno shirt.  He loved wearing it, and will get tons more use from it!

Amanda Kemp for letting me borrow the banners, stand-up Muno, and extra napkins/glasses

Jared for dressing as DJ Lance and making the day extra special for all the kiddos, especially Connor

Mom for all of your help -- I couldn't have made this day possible without your assistance on Saturday

the guys for hauling tables, chairs, and garbage (including Jason, Randy, Jordan, and I'm sure I'm missing someone)

Dad for saving the grill

Veronica and Lainey for helping me to organize gifts, fold bags, and throw away wrapping paper

and most importantly, to everyone who showed their love for Connor, both family and friends, those who helped share in his birthday festivities, those who were unable to come and sent gifts or well wishes, we thank you all!  I love having a house full of people we love, and that was definitely the case on Sunday.  Thanks again, most of all, for loving us and for loving Connor.  You have each touched our lives, and we love you more than you know.

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