Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

This week has been boring and event-free...not exactly.  It has been homecoming week at the high school where I teach, so we have spent more days than not dressed in crazy costumes.  I can't complain, though.  I love my job, I adore teaching English, and although homecoming week is busy, loud, and off-schedule, the students have a fantastic time, and I secretly have a little fun as well.  :)  Here are some photos from the week:

Rock N Roll Day: my attempt at Baby Spice (The Spice Girls were, hands down, my favorite middle school girl group.)

Costume Day: 6 of our 7 dwarves

Happy and Sleepy

Besides all the happenings at school, there have been church meetings and praise band practice for Jason, so even though he is "home" from working two retreats, I still miss him and feel like he hasn't been around enough.  It isn't his fault, but I miss his help, and Connor misses him terribly.

When we are home, such as last night around 9:00, the scene was of us sitting side-by-side in bed, both working on things for our English's an interesting shift for him (and me) of going from social studies to English, and he has been putting in many more hours at home than usual with this new class, but there is a certain solidarity now that he understand what I do every day, and vice versa.

Also this week, a young lady who is my sister's best friend, Lindsay (my sis is also Lindsay), gave birth to a precious baby boy, Patterson Scott.  After a long time pushing, Linds had to have an emergency c-section (the cord was wrapped around Patterson's neck, which was what caused the section to have to happen), so due to a long recovery time, we were only able to see her being wheeled to her room (Linds, Mom, and I all drove to BG after school.).  We did however, get to spend a couple of hours looking at Patterson through the nursery window.  He is a precious litle boy.  He was 6 lbs., 2 oz. (same as Connor) and it brought back all of my memories of Connor being born around this same time two years ago.  Patterson and Linds did great Wed. night, but on Thursday morning he had a couple of seizures.  I was completely overwhelmed at having a healthy baby, so I can't imagine how much more so it must be to have a baby with unexpected health issues.  Patterson was moved to Vanderbilt, and Lindsay has stayed in BG.  My sis will be taking Linds and her mom there tomorrow (since she will be discharged from the hospital by then), and then the whole family will be together again, which is so exciting.  Please keep Patterson and his mommy in your prayers.  I know it has been difficult for Lindsay to be away from her precious baby boy, and as a mom myself, she has been on my mind constantly.  However, Lindsay is a strong woman of God, and she will use this journey for God's glory.  I am so thankful to have her in my life; she is just like another sister to Lindsay and me, and we love her (and Patterson) dearly.
precious baby Patterson

checking out Patterson in the nursery...Connor said "baby" about 8,000 times that night
Not the best view, but a very sweet shot of Jared rocking Patterson while Linds was in recovery.

on the ride home from BG...watching Thomas

Tonight is the homecoming football game and homecoming dance, which I have volunteered to chaperone (I know.).  Connor will be going to the game with us, but he and Jason will head home early while I stay likely until midnight.  Here's hoping that Jason gets up with Connor in the morning.  :)  (For all of his fantastic qualities, my son is an early riser...even on weekends he typically gets up before 6:30.)

Random facts for the week:

- Connor's new words this week include mango (He says "mengo"), flip flops, and comfy.

- Linds, Connor, and I went outside the other morning to take a picture of a spider on the deck.  I asked Connor how a spider went, and he said, "Rawr."  I never knew a spider sounded like a dinosaur, but I like his way of thinking.  Spiders are scary.

- I am seriously considering starting to do a weekly fashion post about Connor and/or me and/or Jason.  I found a blog that does a weekly "Small Style" for kiddos, and I have always loved "What I Wore Wednesday" from The Pleated Poppy, but have always been too scared to try.  I love fashion, but I am a little uncomfortable with a post that is totally about me and my clothes.  Part of it is insecurity, that the pictures won't be good, my outfits won't be flattering, etc....  I'd love to know what the rest of you think.  Waste of time, or something I should try?

- I really need to lose a few pounds, but I am having a really hard time with motivation.  I love kickboxing, but with Jason's and my schedule, I'm lucky if I get to go twice a week, and I have little time/energy/accountability to work out at home on my own.  I should eat better, but honestly, I like food, I refuse to starve myself, and I like to indulge occasionally, so if I want to lose weight I am going to have to do better with exercise and moderation.  I would love to know what others do for motivation and accountability.  I think I'd feel better if I could lose 15 lbs., and while I realize I'll never be "thin" I do want to be healthy and strong. 

Random photos for the week:

In a previous blog, I mentioned that I won a giveaway from the Young&Restless blog.  The prize was from Casey's Cookies, and the package arrived today!

white chocolate chip -- They are delicious!   Jason has already eaten two.

Connor's sweet and talented former babysitter gave him an early birthday present...and adorable bear hat she made for him to wear this winter.  I can't wait until it's cool enough for him to wear it!


CN said...

Love C's hat! And you make an adorable Baby Spice - where on earth did you find those shoes? :)

Anonymous said...

It was great catching up with you at the game tonight!

I think the fashion posts should be a go!!

See you soon, and have a great weekend!

Laura Ashley said...

CN -- Thanks! The hat is SO cute on him...I'll have to add pics. I looked a little goofy as a Spice Girl, but the shoes were borrowed from Aunt MB...she had a "rock star" costume. You know I love heels, but those were the most uncomfortable shoes I have EVER worn in my life!

Jacob -- It was great to catch up with you as well!