Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

This week has been unusually busy for our family.  If you know us, we are pretty much on-the-go, soaking up every moment and opportunity that comes our way, but we typically do these things as a family.  Connor goes wherever we go, so it has been especially tough on him this week.  Why, might you ask?  Well, Jason had two ministry opportunities come up that happened to be two weeks in a row.  This past weekend he worked a teen Christian retreat called Chrysalis, where he was on the spiritual "team."  He was gone from Friday afternoon through Monday night.  This weekend he will also be working another retreat known as Emmaus, where he will be a part of the music team.  These opportunities are good for him, and I know that he is helping many others, but it has also been difficult for Connor not to see him for several days straight (He asks about Daddy constantly.), but also for me.  I commend every single mom (or dad), because it is such a tough job to care for a child on your own.  Don't get me wrong, Connor is a fantastic boy, but it is still tiring, especially after being used to having an extra set of hands most of the time.

My sister also worked the retreat this past weekend, so to see them off, Jason and Linds met Mom, Connor, and me in Somerset to have dinner at our favorite Japanese place.  Connor LOVES Japanese food.  He devoured part of my ginger salad, all of Jason's mushrooms, much of his zucchini and onions, part of my shrimp, and loads of rice.  He was quite the pig, but I love seeing him eat so well.

ginger salad (my favorite) and Lindsay's sushi

my yummy Bento box

My parents were SO great while Jason was gone.  They invited me over for dinner (and breakfast) so I didn't have to cook, played with Connor, and even took him for a couple of hours Monday evening so I could take a break.  I am so thankful to have them nearby.

Despite Jason being gone, we had a fantastic long weekend.  Connor was fantastic, and we spent lots of time snuggled up on my bed watching "Toy Story" while it drizzled outside on Sunday and Monday.

Jason's dad also came down for a while on Monday. His intention was do to a lot of ginseng hunting, but with the weather, it didn't work out, so he decided to head home.  Connor loved having him there to play for a few hours, though.

Once Jason got home on Monday night, all Connor wanted was to snuggle with his daddy. 

The rest of the week has flown by.  School has been super busy, with the end of our first unit (short stories) and the students' first project, which was to complete a story ending for "The Lady, or the Tiger?" a classic short story that leaves the reader without a conclusion.  The students were not at all happy with me for making them read a story with no resolution, at first, but soon got into expressing their creativity through their own endings.  I can't wait to read the finished products on Monday!

On Thursday, my mom and I went to Bowling Green for our bi-annual tradition of volunteering at the Lil' Angels Attic consignment sale.  We have never consigned, but each year we volunteer to work a three-hour shift stocking the racks, checking people in, organizing clothes, toys, books, etc... It may not sound like fun, but we have a great time together.  We both take a personal day from school, work our shift, eat somewhere good, shop for a bit, and then head back to the church to get in line for the pre-sale.  See, if you volunteer, you have a chance to shop the presale on Thursday night, which means the deals and selection are fantastic.  :)  I always come away with great clothes, toys, shoes, etc... for Connor at fantastic prices.  The bargain-hunter in me comes alive at times like these.  :)  I would estimate that about 90% of C's wardrobe is consigned.  I love being able to dress Connor in adorable clothes, but do it for a fraction of the retail cost.

We had an amazing day.  My Lindsay's best friend (also named Lindsay) is due to have a little boy right around Connor's birthday, and she and her mom both worked the sale as well.  Lindsay's mom rode down from RC to BG with us, and we had such a fantastic day.  We laughed the entire time, ate a delicious lunch of seafood, went to the mall (where I bought nothing), stood in line to get our bracelets for the pre-sale, went to Gigi's (and Sweet CeCe's -- no, I did not eat both at the same time...I am still saving my cupcake for tomorrow), and then headed back to stand in line to shop the presale. 

I spent a little over $100 on 22 items, which I count as a huge success.  The best items I came away with were: an all wood toddler bed for only $30, 4 pairs of shoes, a winter coat, some adorable Christmas sleepers, and two gorgeous pieces that were already embroidered with "Connor" on them.  Mom also got some great things for C for Christmas, including some Toy Story toys, and a great wagon.  :)  Thanks, Mom, for such a fun day, and for all you do!

Random thoughts this week:

- Connor opened up one of the kitchen drawers this week, got out a lollipop, came up to me, handed it to me, and said, "Sucky?"  It was too cute.

- Connor learned the word "purpose" this week.  I had told him that he couldn't say "uh-oh" when he did something on purpose, so ever since he has been going around dropping or throwing something, and saying, "Purpose, purpose."

- One of the sweetest moments of the week was when Connor ran over to our oversized chair in the living room, grabbed Muno (his favorite one-eyed, stuffed monster), hugged him, and said, "Wuv you." He then tossed him back on the chair and kept playing.  :)

- This week Connor put together his longest sentence to date, which may not sound that impressive, but it's a big deal to this mommy.  He was in the shower, and I asked him if he was ready to get out and put on his pjs.  He said, "No, I playin' in the shower."  It was precious to hear that little voice speaking so clearly and using a real sentence, and not just single words. 

- Connor asks nearly every day about his "rends" (friends) at his new daycare.  He loves them, knows all of their names, and repeats little phrases about each one after saying their names.  I am so thankful for this opportunity for him to interact with other kids (and in our church nursery as well), and learn how to play/share with others.  They made the most adorable craft this week...I'll have to post a picture soon.

Random photos this week:

playing with Mimi and Pops
photo op with Mommy

hanging out on the porch
enjoying the outdoors (his favorite place to be) on one of his favorite toys

Hope you have a blessed weekend!


Relinda said...

Hey Laura,

Brodey loves Connor being at daycare with him. Steph says they play so good together. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Your Connor is just precious! I've heard a lot about Little Angels, but have no need for it. :) Have a great weekend, Laura!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week! I dropped by your room on Thursday, but Mrs. Stapp told me you were gone! Sounds like you had a great day, though! :)

Laura Ashley said...

Relinda - Thanks so much for reading, and thanks for the kind words. Connor just adores Brodey!

Melanie - Thank you! The consignment sale is really fun for a bargain hunter like me! :)

Jacob - So sorry I wasn't there! Please stop by soon! :)