Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Fashion Wishlist

With temperatures plummeting from 100 degrees on Saturday to a mere 56 this morning in the car on the way to school, I thought it was time to admit defeat and start thinking about fall wardrobing.

Summer is by far my favorite time for fashion.  With the few leftover pounds I have yet to lose after Connor, I don't find bulky sweaters and extra layers to be the most flattering to my figure, therefore I typically have a harder time putting outfits together.  I am most comfortable in a breezy sundress.  It is easy, one piece, and I can throw on some shoes and accessories and be done.

However, I do love the colors, textures, and especially the BOOTS that fall brings (You already know I'm a sucker for cute shoes.).

Maybe if I keep working and manage to lose a few pounds, I can feel more confident in winter styles.  Until then, here are some of the things I am loving for fall.

I adore these mustard colored pants.

Source: jcrew.com via Laura on Pinterest

The only thing I can actually say that I "need" is a new pair of brown, flat riding boots.  I am hoping to give my last pair to my mom (I still love them, but am looking for a more plain style.) and find some new ones with possibly some Christmas money...if I can wait that long.  :)  I would really like to find a pair that are just a tad over the knee, or have the ability to be over the knee or folded down.  Here are a few of my favorites:

I love these below, from Nordstrom, because they are plain, classic, and hit just above the knee.

These Tory Burch boots are a gorgeous color, have just the right amount of detail, but are, unfortunately out of my price range.  But they sure are pretty to look at.

There is something very classic and pretty about rose gold, and this watch by Michael Kors is no exception.

I am always a sucker for pretty, girly accessories, especially headbands.  I love these:

I love the velvet on this one.

The one below is from Ryah Sofia.

from Love Stitched
Source: etsy.com via Laura on Pinterest

I am still on the hunt for red jeans, and I found these cute ones at Kohl's.  They are cropped and on sale...two things I love. :)
Source: kohls.com via Laura on Pinterest

I also love the color of these jeans, from Kohl's also.  They seem vintage, worn in, and very comfy.
Source: kohls.com via Laura on Pinterest

I LOVE this necklace, from a company called Hidden Cupcakes.

Source: etsy.com via Laura on Pinterest

I really like the fall colors and print of this dress, as well as the light, airy material.  It would look great with a cardigan and boots this fall/winter.  And it's at a pretty reasonable price from Old Navy.

One other thing I "need" before winter is a black blazer.  I have cardigans and a short sleeve black jacket, but a black blazer would be a great help to me in transitioning a lot of my sleeveless fall clothes to winter.  It's one "classic" item I've always wanted but never had.  This one from Kohl's is reasonably priced and has a shape that I think will still be in style in future seasons.
Source: kohls.com via Laura on Pinterest

They also have the same blazer in pink tint, which would be perfect to wear over lots of my summer dresses to make them work into fall.
Source: kohls.com via Laura on Pinterest

I would also love to try to colored tights trend this fall...if I'm not too chicken. Now I just have to find some that are reasonably priced so that I don't waste a ton of money if I'm too scared to wear them.  :)

Ever since my sis introduced me to the comfort and great cause of Toms shoes, I have been a fan.  These are a few of my favorite current styles.  I have one pair in my collection currently, and would love to add to it.

As an English teacher who has her students watch "Dead Poets Society" as a part of our poetry unit, I think it must be some sort of requirement or necessity that I have these Carpe Diem Toms, right?  :)
Source: toms.com via Laura on Pinterest

These red Toms are just so cute and vibrant, and they would match all of my Laker apparel perfectly.
Source: toms.com via Laura on Pinterest

This is totally not fall related, but I saw Stacy London wearing this shirt and thought it was adorable.  :)  Too bad it's from H&M and probably already sold out.

I'd love to know what you are loving for fall, and if you find any cute over-the-knee brown flat boots, let me know.  :)  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I'm dying for brown riding boots. I love the animal print Toms and the hilded gold ones. What color do you have?

Marisa said...

Yes! Brown riding boots are at the top of my wish list. They are the first things I look for when ANY catalog lands on my desk. I'm looking forward to the tights this fall too. Love them!

Laura Ashley said...

Melanie - If you see any cute ones, send a link my way. :) I have only the silver Morocco Toms, but I want more. :)

Marisa - I am the same way! I hope I am brave enough to try the tights, but if you see any cute riding boots, point me in that direction. :)