Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

This week has been extra special because, in case you haven't seen it on the blog or Facebook or Twitter, Connor's birthday was on Wednesday.  My little man is officially two years old!

That is part of why last week's Friday blog post was so late.  Mom and I took Connor after school on Friday to get his hair cut (He cried...again.), then to Walmart to pick up a few last-minute items for his party on Sunday.

Saturday was spent decorating, baking, running errands, picking up cupcake toppers and a gorgeous Muno cut-out (Thanks, Gina!) with my mom while Jason and Linds (the sister) were at a concert in Atlanta.

Sunday was the big party day.  You can read all about it and see tons of pictures here, but here a few of my favorite photos from the day:

Cleanup from the party spilled over into Monday and Tuesday, but we have mostly now found homes for Connor's new items.  He loved everything, especially his new table, DVD player, drawing implements, bouncy Brobee, a new "puppy" (stuffed), bubbles, and a car set that he must play with every afternoon when we get home from school.  He was even excited to look at all of his new clothes, and especially his shoes (I think he gets that from his momma.).

On Wednesday, Connor's actual birthday, I had a meeting for school in Richmond.  I had to leave very early, and I was originally scheduled to get back late as well, but I left a little early in order to have time to pick Connor up, take him to get a cupcake at our local bakery, and then spend the rest of the afternoon with him.  Someone commented that it didn't matter if I got home late because he didn't know it was his birthday, but that wasn't the point to me.  I knew that it was his birthday, and there was no where I'd rather be than with him, reminiscing about how good God has been to us, and remember back to the day he was born (which you can read about here).  Luckily for me, Connor woke up right before I left, so I got a couple of sweet shots of him in his crib.

early morning birthday smiles

When I picked him up, he was enjoying a special cake made by his awesome babysitter, Miss Stephanie, and she got him a truck, which he has played with nonstop.  He had a great day and didn't want to leave.

We did go by the bakery, and Connor chose a Simply Vanilla cupcake for himself (with candy corn on top) and a carrot cake cupcake for Daddy.  We spent the evening playing with his trucks/cars in the basement with his new track (Thanks, Buddy and Michelle!).  Mimi and Pops came by, and we sang happy birthday, enjoyed a cupcake, watched some Gabba and a very special video message from Grandma and Pacau, and ended the night with a snuggly, adorable boy on my shoulder.  It was an amazing day for a special boy!

Thursday was busy, with school, radio station after school for Jason, quick bite to eat, and then kickboxing, which was desperately needed for me after all the food I have indulged in while celebrating Connor's birthday.

Random thoughts from the week:

- My good friend Sarah got Connor a plate with his picture on it.  On Monday night, I watched as he set his new plate on his little table, bowed his head, and said, "Amen. Jesus."  It melted my heart.

- At Connor's party on Saturday, our cousin Jared surprised him by dressing up as DJ Lance.  He was apprehensive at first, but now every day he asks where DJ Lance is and wants to see him. 

- Connor has begun to put an "e" sound on many of his words.  It is now "treaty" instead of "treat" and "nopey" instead of "nope."  Not sure yet if it is cute or obnoxious.  :)

- Vocabulary and sentence construction are developing rapidly for Connor.  Just a couple of weeks ago he was saying, "Done," when he was finished with something.  Now he says,  "I done with this."

- School for me, as usual, has been busy but good.  We have just finished up an on-demand mini-unit and are moving on into nonfiction.  While it is not my favorite unit to teach (I much prefer fiction), it is full of useful information for my students.  This week we will be reading an excerpt from A Short Season, a chronicle of the life (and early demise from cancer) of Chicago Bears player Brian Piccolo, as well as A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote, which I love.  Such a sweet memoir.

Random photos from the week:

helping Uncie with the farming

He loves his time at Unc and Aunt Beth's house!

playing with the puppies at Aunt Beth's

love this face

My boy who wakes up early but always sleeps through the night had a rough time on Tues. and woke up at 4.  By 6, this is what he looked like.

loving his new table, Toy Story coloring book, and markers

little artist

Have a blessed weekend!  We are headed to the St. James Art Fair this excited!

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