Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

Last weekend was one of the most fun, busy weekends our family has had in a long time, so the majority of this week's round-up post will focus on those activities.

- Friday after school we drove up to Lousville, where we enjoyed an evening with Jason's parents and brother at a minor league baseball game.  There was a merry-go-round at the park, which Connor LOVED, and he was obsessed with Buddy the Bat (the team mascot).  He still talks about Buddy nearly every day.  The home team won and there was a gorgeous fireworks display, which Connor was enthralled by after the game.  He did, however, fall asleep immediately after we left the park and slept so well that night.  Below are just a few of the photos...see them all here.

- Saturday was a day we had been looking forward to all year...our annual visit to the state fair.  We saw lots of animals, ate some delicious fair food, and soaked in the beautiful day with Connor.  He took it all in and was fantastic the whole day.  His favorite parts were the farm animals (no new sight to him), the fishtanks, and riding in his stroller.  You can see all the photos from the fair in this post, but here are a few favorites.

- Saturday night, after dinner with the Davidsons, they so graciously let Jason and me head out on a dessert date to Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen, one of our favorite spots for yummy treats.  Our time together was fantastic, the pie and ice cream were amazing, and then...I somehow managed to turn my ankle on a grate in the parking lot, drop our leftover pie onto the pavement, embarass myself in front of several strangers who were eating outside, and really hurt my ankle.  Jason's mom took care of me, giving me an epsom salt foot bath and wrapping it for me, and even though it's much better than it was, it is still very sore.  (No one in my family, however, is surprised that this girl managed to do something klutzy, again.  It was a little too close for comfort, seeing as how my only broken bone was in high school when I broke my ankle by stepping in a hole.)

SO many choices!

Jason's chocolate pie and orange sorbet

my butterscotch pie

my favorite part: birthday cake ice cream with huge chunks of cake -- amazing!

- Sunday morning was spent at Sojourn where we had wonderful worship, great music, and a challenging sermon.  Afterward, we had a great lunch with Veronica and Jordan, and then headed to the nursing home to visit with Jason's Papa Jack and Mawmaw.

- Sunday afternoon Jason had been invited to preach at his nanny's senior home, and we had a fantastic time.  All the ladies, of course, loved Connor and Jason, and we hope to go back soon.  We love spending time with Nanny and Lyle. 

- Sadly, after leaving the service Sun. afternoon, our next stop was to a funeral home.  A long-time member of Jason's home church, Tommy, passed away.  He was such a special person, such a supporter of Jason in his early ministry, that it was such a sad moment to see him lying there.  I never deal well with funeral home visits, but this one was especially sad, because we hadn't had a chance to see Tommy in quite a long time, and there wasn't any sense of closure.

- Jason has heard me complain way too many times about how we don't have a shaved ice stand in our town, so on the way home Sunday night, we stopped by Summer Snow and got an end-of-summer treat.  His thoughtfulness made my day...or maybe it was just the shaved ice.  :)

- The rest of the week has been spent at school during the day, working out on Tuesday, after school PD on Wednesday, and dinner with the family on Thurs.

Random thoughts/happenings from the week:

- Now that Jason is teaching English, I have had the opportunity to see him in a professional setting at a couple of recent PDs for school, and it makes me so proud each time.  I love seeing him as a colleague, and it makes me so proud.  It is evident to me more and more each day what a great, dedicated teacher he is.

- This week, I told Connor, jokingly, that I was sad.  He immediately squeezed my neck tightly for several seconds, looked up to see my expression, and repeated the hug.  I love my sweet, sensitive boy.

- This week at school has been a time of really getting into a groove, feeling comfortable and getting to know my students better, and really diving into our short story unit.  We read "The Most Dangerous Game," "The Scarlet Ibis," and "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant" this week, which are a few of my favorite stories to discuss with students.  It has been a great week at school.

- Every single afternoon at break Jared (my cousin, who happens to be a senior where I teach) and his girlfriend Ally walk down to where I sell snacks (one of my break duties) and spend a few minutes chatting with me.  I am certain that they have no idea how much this means to me, and how much I cherish those few minutes of time with two of my favorite people.  Their thoughtfulness to come check in each day is one of the things I look most forward to every day.  I just love those two.

- I am not, in general, a lucky person.  I do not win giveaways, contests, drawings etc... ever...until this week!  One of the blogs I follow, Young & Restless, had a giveaway involving Casey's Cookies, and I won!  :)  I should be getting 13 cookies in the mail very soon, and I can't wait.  Here's hoping I continue to have a lucky streak.  :)

- Connor's vocabulary continues to expand, and as it does, those adorable little words he used to use that made no sense are rapidly disappearing.  He now says "glasses" instead of "tau-taus", "blanket" instead of "guppy" and "Kevin" (our neighbor whose tractor Connor is obsessed with) instead of "Kebin."  While I am so proud of his growing and learning process, I miss some of those familiar, albeit incorrect words.

- Our dinner at Mom's house Thursday night was mainly a rouse to get Gran to Mom's house she and Uncie (my Uncle Alan) could give Gran her early Christmas iPad 2.  It is wrong to be jealous of my own grandmother?  :)

Random photos from the week:

throwing a golf ball to Toby (the grandparents' dog)

baseball with Pacau (what he calls Grandpa Randy)


hanging out with Toby
I just liked how this railing looked while we were playing outside.

This jug also caught my eye.

enjoying the evening with Pacau
 I am definitely looking forward to an extra day off with Connor next week.  Hope everyone has a blessed Labor Day weekend!


Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

I am sooo craving some of that cake ice cream! Love these pics. :o)


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Looks/sounds like a great week to me!

Connor is a doll!