Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

This week has been crazy busy...I know I said that last week, but it's true.  :)  Preparations have been well underway for Connor's birthday party on Sunday, and while it's exciting and I love it, it has also been a little bit stressful.  Maybe if I weren't so worried about everything perfect (food, weather, house, etc...) then I wouldn't feel so frazzled right now.

However, despite the craziness that is the Davidson life, we have been loving life as well.

- Last Friday night was my school's football homecoming (as I'm sure you noticed from last week's dress up photos), so Jason and I ventured out with Connor to check out the game and eat some delicious food at the band's annual pork chop dinner.  After sending Jason and Connor home, I chaperoned the homecoming dance.  It was a late night, but Connor had such a fun time playing at the game with his friends that it was all worth it (Thanks Marlei and Harper for playing with Connor...and sharing your chicken strips!).  :)  To top it all off, the Lakers won big!

- Saturday was also busy and fun-filled.  We stopped by a community event at the fairground as well as a family reunion before heading home to watch the UK vs. UL football game (Jason was not pleased about the outcome.). 

- Sunday was our first night back to small group after a summer hiatus, and I am so very thankful to be meeting again with these families.  We enjoyed delicious food, lots of laughter, and great fellowship/discussions.  I love having a smaller group to meet and share life with, and it was a refreshing evening.  At one point, Connor was wearing his pal Abby's necklace and pushing around a bright pink stroller. 

desserts for small group (practicing for C's party)

- The work week has been equally busy.  Jason and I have both had Y-Club meetings this week (twice for me, once for him), praise band practice for Jason, kickboxing for me (I actually got to go two nights this week!), and most importantly all the shopping and party prep for C's 2nd birthday party.  Sadly, because of this, I haven't taken as many photos as usual, but I'll make up for that this weekend at the party, and next week on C's actual birthday.

Random thoughts for the week:

- Connor is using complete sentences SO much more.  Just this week he said to me, "I done with the pencil."

- Also, this week, Connor has been obsessed with talking about the T. Rex (I blame this on watching Dino Dan.).  At least once a day he turns to me and says, "Mommy, T. Rex poopin'."  I am certain that the T. Rex did poop, but I am not certain why my son is obsessed with it.  One of those things I hope he doesn't repeat in public or say loudly at church.  :)

- When he wakes up in the mornings he always says, "Hidy, cats" to Scout and Sugar.  Too cute.

-  His pronunciation is getting so much better.  He used to say "ganks" for "thanks" but now he says "thank you" almost every time.

- His response to almost everything you ask/tell him to do is "okay."  He really is such an agreeable, easy boy.

- Funny story: At the family reunion on Saturday, Connor pulled out Mom's checkbook from her purse, opened it sideways (so it looked like a book), pointed, and said, "Jesus."  I'm not sure if he thought it was a Bible or what he was referring to, but I thought it was precious.

- I was SO nervous about posting my first fashion blog, but you all were so kind, and I really appreciate it.  Hopefully I will get better.

- I am very anxious to see Connor's reaction to his party.  I think that he is old enough to actually enjoy all the people, presents, and food, unlike last year.

- Ever my sensitive boy, Connor still cries every time he watches Toy Story 1 (when Buzz realizes he's "just a toy" and break his arm) and 2 (when Jessie is discarded by her owner).  I hope he always has empathy for others, even if he learned it from watching toys on tv.

Random photos for the week:

Connor modeling his new hat, an early birthday present from Melanie!

- The following photos were taken at the fairgrounds on Saturday. Connor's adorable shirt was made for him by my friend (and fellow teacher) Pam.  She is suberbly talented, and was kind enough to not only make this shirt for him, but a very special one for his birthday...which you will see after his party on Sunday.  Thanks so much, Pam!

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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