Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

With only one week left of summer break, Connor and I have been taking advantage of every opportunity to be outside.  Whether it be playing in his "house" (as I posted here), walking to see the cows in the field next to our house, or pushing his trucks and tractors all around the yard, my boy would rather be outside than anywhere.

However, this week, we have been spending as much time as possible cooling off at the pool.  Three afternoons have been spent lounging, splashing, and reapplying sunscreen. 

We have had play dates with friends...

Connor and Gavin

and quality time with family...

Besides swimming, Connor has spent lots of time coloring with Daddy...

This week's random facts:

* We just bought Connor a potty chair.  I do not believe he is really ready to potty train yet, but he has been asking about the potty a lot, so one is in the bathroom in case he asks.  :)

* When Connor has a scrape, bump, or other boo boo, he always consoles himself by saying, "Better, better."  If someone does not respond within a few seconds by kissing the spot, he'll say "Kiss it."

* He has also learned the word "smooch" this week, and likes to use it when he wants some loving.

* Recently, when something upsets Connor and he is crying, he'll look at me, scrunch up his face, and say, "I cryin'."  It's pitiful and adorable all at the same time.

* Connor has also recently started showing signs of a bit of a 'country' accent.  He says things like, "Shew, I'm tard" (tired) and draws out words like "bed," "head," and "man."

* I am currently obsessed with frozen yogurt and rainbow sprinkles as a between-meals treat.  Maybe it's not healthy, but it's yummy.

* Mimi got Connor a rolling Toy Story backpack for his new babysitter's house, and he now drags it everywhere he goes (along with Muno and Guppy, which we already take everywhere we go).  He is so proud of his own little tote.

*Also on the gift front, Ninny (Aunt Linds) found Connor a Buzz Lightyear costume.  He loved looking at himself in the mirror in this outfit:

* One of my biggest accomplishments this week was breaking and stringing, and then preparing to freeze four gallon bags full of green beans.  Gran has graciously given me lots of stuff from her garden, and I'm hoping this supply will last us through the winter.  All three of us love fresh green beans.

* Open house for freshman at my school is tonight.  I am, as always, nervous.  Even after eight years, it is still a little scary meeting all those new faces of students and parents.  I want to make a good impression but also be myself (not too formal), and I end up at the end of it all feeling sweaty and ragged.

Other random photos of the week:

lovin' the outdoors

getting kisses from a superhero

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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