Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hair and Beauty Help Needed

This might seem like it has totally nothing to do with my post title, but I am currently loving Pinterest.  If you are like me and you always tell yourself that you'll remember where you saw a home idea or cute outfit but continually forget, you too will love this site.  It is basically a virtual pinboard where you can "pin" onto your own set of boards (You can title and organize them however you like.) things/ideas/clothes/etc.... that you don't want to forget.  I no longer have to print something out and find a manila folder, or make yet another folder on my computer; all of my ideas are in one place.  It has been very helpful in getting ideas for Connor's 2nd birthday party.  It is nice ot see what other people have done and not have to reinvent the wheel.

So, that being said, Pinterest has also been helpful in exposing me to lots of different hair, makeup, and beauty trends that I'd love to try.  So, below you will see, embedded from Pinterest, some of the things I am hoping to try with hair and beauty.  Feel free to tell me what you think, even if that means you are saying I'm too old for some of these trends.  :)

This is the hair color I'd ideally love to have.  I like the combination of light with the more golden blond.
Source: None via Laura on Pinterest

I have been thinking about going back to heavier bangs.  Maybe something like this?

or this?

or this? (style not color)

I really like the layers and bangs in this look, but not sure how it will translate for my features.

Love the fact that there is sparkle, but still sophisticated.  Right?  :)
Source: None via Laura on Pinterest

I have actually seen these Sally Hansen nail strips in person and they are adorable.
Source: None via Laura on Pinterest

These are Sally Hansen nail strips, too.  I'm pretty sure my mom would say these are tacky.  :)

I LOVE braids, but I am terrible at braiding...any tips?

I love how this looks casual and a bit messy, but still chic...again, if only I could braid.

I'd love to know your thoughts on what looks you think I should try/avoid (not that I'll listen)  :) , and I hope you check out Pinterest soon!


Michelle Vincel said...

The top blonde and darker blonde low lights of the top pic i think would b super cute on you, as well as the bangs on the olsen twin. I like the side swept thing. I like the first 2 on the nail colors but not the last. As far as the flower ones go, r u ever really too old for fun? I think these r fun and once school starts back ur students might get a kick outta seeing the teacher with something off the norm. :)

The Davidsons said...

Thanks for your input! :)