Monday, July 25, 2011

A Band-Aid Day

Today began and ended with Band-Aids, both figuratively and literally.  This morning, Jason and I ripped off the Band-Aid of summer break, and spent a few hours working in our rooms to prepare for the upcoming school year.  It always seems that (although we love our jobs) we have a hard time accepting the end of another fun-filled summer.  Going to our rooms to dust, arrange, and put out our trinkets seems to mean that we have conceded that it really is over.

However, with the help of a former student (Thanks, Breanna!), we were able to accomplish much, and still have time to spend the afternoon playing with our favorite boy in the world.

enjoying a snack in his "house"

mastering the art of the tunnel

"I see you!"

wielding a stick


We did, however, end the day with a second Band-Aid (Connor's first ever), but this time we were putting one on instead of ripping it off.  In all his intense stump-jumping, he reinjured a healing knee wound:

But he was patched up and all better in no time:

Enjoying a day of Band-Aids with my favorite boys; there is no place I'd rather be! Have a blessed week!

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