Thursday, December 6, 2012

28 Weeks

How far along?  28 weeks,  2 days

How big is baby?   approximately 2.9 lbs.

Total weight gain/loss:  +2 lbs. in the last two weeks;  +12 lbs. total

Maternity clothes?  I can still wear regular dresses but most everything else is maternity at this point.

Stretch marks:  Still there.  Bleh.

Sleep: With KYA just ending and getting caught up at home, I don't feel like I am getting enough sleep, but when I do sleep it is pretty soundly.

Best moment this week:  Watching our amazing, intelligent students at KYA ties with seeing my precious son and hearing him say how much he missed me once I returned home.

Movement:  Lots of movement.

Food cravings:  I am still craving sweets, but anything sweet leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so I constantly feel like I need to brush my teeth.

Food Aversions:  The main thing right now is that if I try to eat too much in one sitting I feel miserable, which is honestly something I need to curb this eating.

Gender:   girl

Labor Signs:  None.

Symptoms:  I feel pretty good, except that my skin is still a mess and my stomach seems huge to still have 12 weeks to go.

Belly Button in or out? In 

What I miss:  comfort when sitting for a long time, my clothes, my formerly clear skin

What I am looking forward to:  Christmas!

Upcoming appointments/events:  Unfortunately, I "failed" my one hour glucose test (barely failed, according to my doctor), which means that I now have to do the three hour test on my first day of Christmas break.  I am frustrated, hoping that all will turn out fine, and disappointed.

Weekly Wisdom: Do not eat pizza right before bedtime...worst heartburn ever.

Here is this week's photo comparison:

                                  28 weeks with Connor                                                                      28 weeks with London
As always with these photo comparisons, I see myself so much bigger this time around.  I am going to have to work extra hard to get the weight off from this pregnancy plus some.

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