Friday, December 7, 2012

Elf on the Shelf -- Week 1

After watching the Elf on the Shelf movie at my mom's house (several months ago, might I add) Connor has been looking forward to having an elf at our house.  Mom gave him his book and elf at our Thanksgiving gathering, and shortly after Connor named him Funny.

Funny began his hijinks on November 28th, and Connor has loved looking for him every morning.  It has been such fun.

Day 1 (Nov. 28) -- relaxing in a marshmallow bubble bath

Day 2 (Nov. 29) -- shaving with Daddy's razor

Day 3 (Nov. 30) -- commandeering Connor's toys

Day 4 (Dec. 1) -- hanging from the dining room light fixture

Day 5 (Dec. 2) -- sneaking some syrup

Day 6 (Dec. 3) -- tagging along on Jason's ride to school

Day 7 (Dec. 4) -- hitching a ride in the backseat next to Connor

Connor's excitement about where we will find Funny has grown each day, and it is the first thing he asks about when I go upstairs to wake him.  Honestly, I think Jason and I are having just as much fun as he is, though.  :)

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