Saturday, December 22, 2012

Elf on the Shelf -- Week 3

Here is what Funny has been into this week:

Dec. 12 -- making a sugar angel on the kitchen counter

Dec. 13 -- toilet papered the tree -- this was one of Connor's favorites

Dec. 14 -- replaced Connor's stocking with underwear -- I thought he would love this, but Connor was actually quite upset about his removed stocking and wanted his "pirate" underwear back.  :)
Dec. 15 -- stealing a sip of Jason's morning must-have, coffee

Dec. 16 -- diving into the decorative apples
Dec. 17 -- taking a seat in a tiny chair for London's nursery decor

Dec. 18 -- mischevious Funny marking up Connor's picture

Just a few more days left.  Although I am running out of creative ideas, I might just miss Connor's excitement to waking up each morning to Funny's silly ways.

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