Monday, December 17, 2012

Elf on the Shelf -- Week 2

Connor still wakes up every morning eager to see what Funny has done.  I love the smile that crosses his face as he realizes the "trick" each morning.  :)

Here are his exploits this week:

Dec. 5 -- sneaking into Connor's stocking

Dec. 6 -- roasting mini marshmallows over Mommy's favorite candle

Dec. 7 -- holding baby Jesus (This one really bothered Connor, actually.  He kept telling me that we needed to give baby Jesus back to his mommy.)

Dec. 8 -- Funny climbed to the top of the tree

Dec. 9 -- hanging from the mistletoe

Dec. 10 -- reading Connor's favorite Christmas book

Dec. 11 -- pounding out a tune on the piano

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