Monday, November 26, 2012


Thanksgiving is always a fun, whirlwind long weekend for us, and this year was no exception.  We packed as much family and food into our time as possible, and it was wonderful.

We always head to Louisville after school on Wednesday, where we spend Thanksgiving lunch with Jason's family.  This year I had my first chance to make sweet potato casserole, and although I accidentally got the marshmallows on top a little too done, it was still pretty good for a first try.  I was more successful, however, with homemade macaroni and cheese, one of Jason's favorite items I make at home.

It was oddly warm enough outside to play cornhole after lunch.

From Louisville, we headed to Cincinnati for dinner with my mom's family at Hope's house.  It was, as it is every year, wonderful to see my cousins and watch Connor play happily with Ava.  I have so many happy memories of childhood visits from our Cincinnati family and our annual trips to visit them.  Although we do not see them often enough, I love catching up each year.

After staying up late chatting with Hope, Kelsey, Gary, and Hunter, Mom, Linds, and I headed out for some mild Black Friday shopping, leaving Jason, Connor, and Dad sleeping at Hope's house.  We scored our best deals at the Gap Clearance Center, which is surely one of my favorite places on Earth.  :)

After lunch with my parents and Linds, they dropped us back off in Louisville, where it was off for another fun and busy evening.  Jason's parents took us (and Jordan) to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (one of Jason's favorite downtown Lville spots), after which we stopped by the Christmas parade, and then saw "A Christmas Story" at Actors Theatre.  Connor was SO well behaved at his first ever theatre experience.  I was impressed, and the play was wonderful.

Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Superchef's, which was AMAZING.  We all tried a little of everyone's food, including granola encrusted French toast, red velvet pancakes, and beignets.

After breakfast we put up Nanny's tree, with lots of help from Connor on ornament placements, and then headed home.

Saturday evening was dinner at Mom's house for Thanksgiving, and it was extra special having both Dustin and Jared home.  Connor was thrilled.

Our last Thanksgiving meal was Sunday after church at Grandma Egnew's house, where we were treated to one of Kim's famous cheesecakes and ended the gathering by drawing names among the cousins for Christmas gifts.

After seeing for myself in photos everything we've done, everywhere we've been, and everyone we've seen this Thanksgiving, I am feeling even more blessed.

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