Monday, November 12, 2012

Can He Build It?

I am super late in posting photos from our Halloween this year.  I will blame it on moving jobs and classrooms in the middle of the year, which is what I have been blaming all of my lack of productivity on lately.

For months, Jason and I were convinced that Connor would be a dinosaur, because he is obsessed with them, but right around his birthday all he could talk about was being Bob the Builder.  I thought it was a phase and he'd get over it, but he never did.  Thankfully, though, Aunt "Beff" bought him a tool belt and hard hat for his birthday, so we threw on some overalls, a plaid shirt, and John Deere boots, and we were ready to go.  :)

Connor was so proud of his "tools" and wanted to fix and build wherever he went.  My favorite moments were when he burst out into the Bob the Builder theme song at random moments throughout the night.

He absolutely loved our church's Hallelujah party this year (last year he was still a bit too small to take it all in), as well as visiting all of our family, and especially the candy, which he is still trying to finish off.

I didn't get too many great photos this year, because he was too busy running around and enjoying the games, food, and fun, but here are a few I did snap.

I also thought that I'd post a few more fall pictures that never made it on the blog from earlier in October.  These first few are from our trip with Jason's parents to Huber's in Indiana, our only pumpkin patch trip of the year.

And these last few are from Connor's first pumpkin carving experience at Mimi's house.  He had a blast, and it actually turned out pretty cute.

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