Monday, February 27, 2012

The Overlook -- A Flashback to Jason's Proposal

This weekend, the praise team at church (which Jason is a member of) was invited to lead worship for a conference at the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park.  The praise band graciously invited Jason's spouse (which would be me), and I wholeheartedly accepted the invitation.  Who wouldn't love an afternoon, evening, and morning surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of the lake, alone time to read, the beauty of nature and wildlife, and a little down time with Jason?

However, this allure of this place runs deeper for me, and for Jason too, I hope.  You see, this park was the location of our first date, nearly 12 years ago.  Our first kiss happened near a trash can on the playground (Kids who are should never kiss on a first date.).  :)

Later still, Jason also chose this spot as the location for his proposal.

Specifically, he chose the overlook, a spot I took him to on that first date so many years ago.  As a Louisville native, he had never seen the beauty of the lake from this angle: the lights from the marina glowing in the night sky and then dancing on the surface of the water, the sway of the boats, and the breathtaking view from the top of that rock.

Being back at the overlook on Saturday brought back a flood of memories from that July night in 2001.  Jason had planned a picnic (I was honestly a little upset because it meant I was missing a new episode of Gilmore Girls.), and although I wasn't sure where we were headed at first, once we made the first turn onto that winding, tree-lined road, my heart beat a bit faster.

He had made a picnic of sandwiches, strawberries (my favorite fruit and a food he didn't like until we got together), and my favorite Jones Soda (Fufu Berry).  We ate and talked, and then we stood up, walked around the rock, talked some more...and then he got down on one knee.  I honestly can't remember exactly what either of us said, but by the end I was crying, looking at a gorgeous, sparkly ring on my finger and a basket he had comissioned for the occasion.

All these memories were stirred on Saturday as I walked around, soaking in the beauty of the lake in this town Jason, Connor, and I call home.

How far we have come since that day nearly 11 years ago, and how much more I pray we share in years to come.

I am thankful for a few relaxing moments during the hectic weekend to be reminded of the love story Jason and I share, and how important it is to keep it alive.