Monday, February 13, 2012

Early VDay Date

Last Saturday, Jason and I enjoyed a rare all-day date.  Occasionally we get the chance to spare a couple of hours together over dinner, or while Connor is visiting his Mimi, Pops, or Aunt MB, we can sneak some time to catch up on our favorite shows or go to a movie.  Most usually, though, we need babysitters for things like cleaning house, working basketball games, or meetings at school, all of which have to be done, but do not involve any alone time for Jason and me.  It is indeed rare to have an entire day to spend together, especially a romantic day. 

A day at home would have been spent cleaning or doing other necessary chores, so Jason arranged for us to spend a day in the Nashville/Franklin area.

We began the morning at home with Connor.  He slept in (which, if you know our story, our child is an EARLY riser) until 7:30 and was in high spirits.  We ate breakfast and lounged, and Jason took Connor out to play in the miniscule snow we received Friday night.

By 11 we had dropped Connor off with Mimi and Pops, and we were off.

Our first stop was Puckett's, our favorite lunch spot in Franklin. We ended up sharing a table (b/c it was so crowded) with a couple from Washington (state).  They were so kind, and we talked about everything from kids to sports to marriage.  It was a nice treat to meet this sweet couple.

We then walked around downtown Franklin, window-shopped, and went to my favorite store there, Philanthropy (I love this store most because not only do they have adorable,unique wares, they tithe from their profits, and just overall seem to be a very giving business.  The employees are SO kind and the atmosphere is wonderful.)  Jason's mom had gotten me a gift card (which I had already spent half of online) and I was eager to spend the rest.  I settled on an adorable patchwork-style dress, which I can't wait to wear once warmer weather returns.  Thanks, Veronica for the gift card, and Jason for letting me shop on our date.  It was especially fun shopping with someone else's money.  :)

"the" gift card dress  :)

Jason really does know how to plan a fantastic date...he always makes each holiday/anniversary/date special, even if it is just a date at home with takeout.  I remind myself often to remember how blessed I am.

While in Franklin, we went ahead and bought dessert.  We both love cupcakes, so we stopped by Ivey Cake.  We much preferred our cupcakes to the dessert options at the restaurant, so we were glad to save a bit of money and still have a great dessert.

my cupcake -- called "I Do"

Our last stop in Franklin was at Ann Taylor LOFT, where I had to return something bought with a gift card (Thanks, Aunt MB!).  While there, I checked out the sale rack and scored a long-sleeved cream colored shirt ($9) and a belt ($7), and still have $37 left on my gift card for later.  :)

My $9 shirt (photo from
$7 Loft belt

We drove back into Nashville, walked around downtown a bit in the freezing weather, and then headed to Watermark, where Jason had made reservations for us.

I, ever the cheapskate, got cheap appetizers instead of an entree, but I have never been more glad I did. (Another cheapo tip: we both drank water.)  My food was amazing.  I had the scallop appetizer, which was served on a bed of shredded Granny Smith apples and some kind of white asparagus, and it was fruity and light and delicious. 

My other appetizer, which the waiter brought as my entree was a grit souffle with bacon, tomatoes, and goat cheese, and it was even better than I expected.  I must learn how to make a grit is imperative after I devoured every bite of that dish that I know how to make something at least similar myself.  I will be Googling recipes soon.

Jason had the tilefish, which he loved.

After dinner, we headed back home.  We were home by 10, and I curled up in bed while Jason headed downstairs to watch the UK game he had DVRd.  Back to our "regular" lives, but with memories of a fantastic day spent with only each other, with good food, and good deals.  Jason even opened my car door.  [Sigh.]

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Jacob Phelps said...

Sounds like a great evening out. I love your LOFT and Philanthropy purchases. :)

Also, that cupcake looks divine! My favorite cupcake at Gigi's (and any other cupcake shop) is Wedding Cake [or something near it]. So delicious!