Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Photo a Day Challenge -- Week 1

Day 1 -- my view today (I was sick in bed, so after a shot and antibiotics, Sugar and I hung out much of the evening.)

Day 2 -- Words (my favorite bracelet from Philanthropy)

Day 3 -- hands

Day 4 -- strangers (We had a lunch in Glendale with some of Jason's family Connor had never met...he made fast friends.)
Day 5 -- 10 a.m.  (I spent the morning learning/working the projector at church.)

Day 6 -- Dinner (I had to work a bball game Monday night, so dinner was Giovanni's in my classroom.  Yummy but rushed.)

Day 7 -- Button

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Brittany@Love Stitched said...

oh sorry you were sick :( no fun! but I LOVE that bracelet...I want one!
thanks for linking up again! xoxo