Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Gift Swap (with Absolutely Ashley)

An adorable blog I follow, Crowley Party, did a 2012 New Year Blogging Party.  We were each linked up with a fellow blogger, got to know them, bought them some fun goodies, and then mailed them out.

It has taken me longer than I anticipated to blog about this, but we haven't been home and just got a chance to upload the pictures.

I was paired up with Ashley from Absolutely Ashley.  Ashley is from Utah, a state I have never visited, but with all the gorgeous pictures on her blog, it looks like a gorgeous place to live.  She is a photography student (Her work is really lovely...check it out on her photography blog.).  I especially loved reading all of her blog posts about restaurants she visits...she always makes me hungry! 

She has great personal style, loves the color green, and recently dyed her hair brown, which is another thing we have in common.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know a new friend, reading her posts, and shopping for her.  I got her some Forever 21 tights and Essie nail polish in two differing shades of green, and below you can see the goodies she sent to me:

I have never seen this movie, am always, as a teacher, in need of cute Post-Its, am excited to try the shatter nail polish (It's a look I've never done before.), and those of you who know my love for heels can probably tell that I am in need of a good foot soak, so I can't wait to try out those lavender tablets.

Thanks so much to Alycia for organizing the swap and for Ashley for the adorable gifts!  They will be well used!

Happy Monday, all!


Jacob Phelps said...

You scored some great gifts! What a fun idea!

Samantha said...

Ahh I love Gerard Butler - That movie is great!! I loved participating in this blogger gift exchange!! I'm your newest follower. :)