Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodnight Moon

Bedtime at our house is very important, and we rarely detour from our typical routine for Connor, which is: bath/shower (showers are his favorite), a little bit of Gabba, book reading in his rocking chair, being rocked and sung to by Mommy, laying down with Muno, being covered by his "guppy" (Gabba blanket), kisses, and, finally, time for sleep.

His favorite book as of the last couple of months has been Goodnight Moon.  After reading it every single night, Connor has memorized the last word of nearly every page. 

A few nights ago I caught it on video, and it is simply too cute not to post.  Enjoy!  :)

Goodnight Moon read by Jason and Connor

Here's to hoping he continues to love books forever!


Anonymous said...

This is SO sweet! :)

Laura Ashley said...

Thanks, Jacob! :)