Saturday, August 6, 2011

End-of-Summer Fashion Wishlist

As I have begun to see ads and stores break out their fall collections, I see so many people posting about their love for boots and sweaters, and while I agree, I am just not yet ready to give up my summer wardrobe.  Summer is my favorite time for fashion.  I love easy, breezy dresses, and because my school doesn't allow sleeveless clothing, I find myself drawn toward anything without sleeves in the summer.  So instead of accepting the fact that school starts next week, I insted find myself looking all over the internet for adorable summer clothes.

I thought that now would be a perfect time to do one last summer fashion post, especially since most stores are discounting their summer merchandise to make room for fall.

Here are my favorite end-of-summer items:

I *must* have a pair of red jeans...These are not necessarily only an end-of-summer piece.  I think they would transition perfectly into fall with a navy blazer or a white button up.  Here are three pair that I adore:

from Asos

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

from Urban Outfitters

from Asos
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

This dress from Kohl's is adorable, would transition well into fall with a cardigan, and is almost half off right now!
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Love the one shoulder, the ruffles, and the fact that it is deeply discounted! (from Lulu's)
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

LOVE these gems from Anthropologie (also on sale).

Pretty dress from Ruche.

I love the colors in this dress from Kohl's, and the fact that the colors are "fall" enough that it could transition well.  It is also on sale.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I love dangly earrings, especially these from Ruche.

I LOVE almost every single hair accessory from a new site I found, called Whippy Cakes.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

I also love this headband from Love Stitched.
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

These watches are adorable and come in such fun colors, they support a great cause, and they are only $22! (Hello Somebody)

I hope you get to enjoy some end-of-season summer shopping!

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Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

Love the handmade flowers!! They look like they'd be easy to make... hmmm... ;)