Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

This week has been a bit bittersweet, knowing it was the last week of summer break.  Please don't get me wrong, I am immensely grateful for all the time I have off as a teacher (although I have thought more about school this summer -- new standards and the possibility of a huge shift in grading coming very soon -- than ever before), but at the same time, Connor has been such a joy this summer that I do dread getting back into the swing of a very busy schedule for our family.  I am just going to have to make better use of the time that I do have with him, and cherish each second.

Besides our day trip to Nashville, which you can read about here, we have been spending lots of time with family in the last week.

On Saturday, Jason's parents came down for a benefit singing at a local church, and we were able to have dinner with them before heading to the church, where we saw for the first time in several years some friends from Indiana, people who were very supportive and helpful to Jason when he first started preaching (before we were married).  It was great to see them and catch up.

Sunday was our Togetherness Service at church, which meant that instead of having an early and late service, we all met together in one service (in the ROCK, our gymnasium) to worship and fellowship together.  The music was fabulous, and Jason was blessed to be ask to speak at the service.  I, of course, am biased, but think he brought a wonderful message about being real in a world where we are often two-faced, even as believers.  It was powerful.

Sunday evening Connor and I headed to Cassidy's birthday party (daughter of a friend and fellow teacher), and it was all Connor could talk about all day.  He kept saying, "party" and "presents."  Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos from the party, but he had a great time in the baby pool; he even cried when we had to leave.  Here, though, are a couple of shots before we left home.

Random facts for the week:

- My sister had her wisdom teeth (all four) cut out today.  She is in some pain but doing well.  Plesae pray that she has a quick, fairly pain-free recovery.  I need to get her a get-well gift, but not sure what since she can't eat much, and most of our sister time and interests revolve around food.  Ideas?

- I took the plunge and a got a new back-to-school hair cut and color.  I just went lighter and a few more layers, but not a drastic change.  I couldn't get in touch with my normal (and fabulous) hairdresser in time, so I tried a new place.

Please ignore the lack of makeup.
- I also tried the Sally Hansen nail strips that I blogged about in an earlier blog.  They really were simple to use, and although I will be taking them off before school starts because the sparkles won't go with a professional back-to-school outfit, I would definitely try more of the nail strips.  They were definitely fun for the summer.

This was a few days after putting them on, so there was a little growth showing.

- We are really trying to limit Connor's tv watching currently.  He gets really focused on a show/movie (particularly Gabba, Toy Story, or Dino Dan) and gets very upset when we turn it off.  I am glad he has things he really enjoys watching, but I also don't want it to become unhealthy.  Being a parent gets both easier and harder the older Connor gets.

- Connor has also taken a HUGE interest in books lately.  He used to be way too busy to let you read an entire book, but now he will let you read two or three at a time, and even sits on his own, pretending to read by himself.  Usually, he gets a couple of pages in, babbles a few phrases, then closes the book and says, "The end!" proudly.  It's quite precious.

- On Wednesday night, our family, Mom, Dad, Linds, Jared, and Ally all hung out at Mom and Dad's house, eating pizza and playing one of my favorite Wii games, Just Dance (1 and 2).  Mom got some hilarious video of Connor "dancing" along with us.  I'll try to post it soon.  Until then, here are some pictures from our fun night.  Thanks to Jared and Ally for entertaining Connor all night; he had a blast.

busting a move with Just Dance

Connor dancing it up
 - This weekend (Fri. and Sat. night) is our church marriage retreat.  As part of the marriage team, I am responsible to help in whatever way I can with the decorations and food preparation.  I am also going to be in a skit tomorrow night, and I am praying that I remember my lines (I am certainly not an actress.).  I truly enjoy the other couples I work with on the marriage team, and I am so blessed that our church has several activities for families and married couples, and that a strong family has been a big focus at our church of late.

Random photos this week:

Connor loves riding his fire truck all by himself, since we have finally taken off the foot posts.

We helped clean Gran's house this week, so Jason took the opportunity to try on one of her wigs.
Good look, right?  :)

- We discovered this week that even Connor can't resist a great pair of heels.  :)

He actually walked quite well in them.

Love this sweet pic of Connor and Ally!
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

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