Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Fashion Wishlist

The last time I posted about fashion here, I showcased a few items I loved/wanted...and I have yet to buy a single one of them.  However, maybe someone out there was inspired to buy something and I can live vicariously through you.  :)

This time around, I thought I'd share some of the items for summer that I have been wanting to try.

One big trend I have yet to try but have wanted to for at least a year or so is the one-shouldered look.  I like this look because my collarbone is one area of my body that never looks fat, and it seems to be a universally flattering part of the body for women.  I have seen lots of one-shouldered dresses and tops that I would love to have, but they have either been too expensive, the wrong size, or too low on the shoulderless side.  Here are a few of my favorite one-shoulder items:

This happy, yellow one is from Lulu's.

I love the retro look and the shoulder detail. (from Modcloth)

from Lulu's
This one-shoulder top is from The Limited. (There is also an adorable strapless maxi dress in the same pattern/material.)

Another trend I love for the summer is lace, particularly white lace.  I think it is so pretty, fresh, romantic, and girly, all things I aspire to in my style...but obviously those are not always adjectives I evoke.  :)

Love this girly dress, especially the lace and mint color (from Lulu's)

from Forever 21
My sis, Linds, does this next look well, which is colored jeans/pants.  I especially love these below from Gap.  I love the salmon color and the rolled-up hem.

As is pretty obvious to most people who know me, I like love shoes.  In my last fashion post I found two adorable pairs of flats, so I had to devote some room to heels, too.  These, below, from Jessica Simpson, are a bit funky, but SO fun. 

I also adore this dress, mainly because it is called the Pondering Poetry dress.  :)
from Lulu's

I also love to peruse all the adorable shops on Etsy.  There are so many wonderful deals and unique creations, not just in clothing, but I happened upon this shop called Brookish, which specializes in all things Jane Austen, and I fell for this tshirt which has print on it the proposal from Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.  I will buy it...someday.

And for my last picks for the summer, if I had more money to spend on frivolous things, it would certainly include a few Matilda Jane pieces.  I love the unique mixture of patterns and the casual but fun feel, especially of their dresses, but with my budget it is a rarity (or a REALLY good sale) before I ever get the chance to order.  So, here are my two favorite current MJC dresses.  Oh, and an apron, because I LOVE aprons, and this one is precious!

Is this a cute apron or what?

Stillwater dress

Summertime dress
These are a few of my favorite summer trends/items.  I'd love to know which of these you love/hate, and what summer items are on your must-have list.  Happy shopping...of if you're like me, happy window shopping!  :)

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