Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Facts and Photos

This week has felt like the first "real" week of summer.  We have spent much of our time this week at home, enjoying our little family, and it has reminded me how blessed I am to have this time off with Connor and Jason.  Here's a little recap of our week:

Much of Saturday was spent around the house, playing outside with Connor, playing inside with Connor, doing laundry, etc..., but that evening I went (without Jason and Connor, but with my parents and Linds) to a wedding.  It was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the decor was lovely (as you will see below).  We spent much of the evening with Aunt Mary Beth and Uncie (my name for my Uncle Alan) and we had a great time, especially during cake time.  Aunt MB, Linds, Mom, and myself are all pretty big fans of a good wedding cake, so with our skills we were able to try all four flavors.  We may have overdone it a bit, but it was worth it.

Sunday was spent enjoying our time at church, especially since it was Youth Sunday at RSUMC.  Each skit, song, and testimony was special and heartfelt.  It s always refreshing to see a service conducted by young people, with their endless energy, creativity, and transparency.  Several of the students shared very personal stories of difficult times in their lives; it was inspiring.  Sunday afternoon was spent relaxing and playing outside...Connor's favorite spot.

Monday was another day simply spent at home.  Jason spent much of the day beginning the packing process for Alaska (Connor and I have been packed for about two weeks now.), and I'm not sure whether Connor and I hindered or helped him, but we had a fantastic time together as a family just hanging out.  A HUGE milestone was reached on Monday.  Connor, who has seemingly been boycotting food for weeks, ate THREE entire meals and TWO snacks, all without being coerced or forced.  It was amazing, and as a parent, so relieving.  I know that he will "eat when he's hungry" but it's nice when he actually does eat and seem to enjoy it without being threatened to stay in his high chair forever.  Maybe I should have figured this out sooner but the biggest revelation has been that even though it takes WAY longer and is often messier, Connor really prefers to feed himself.  He is pretty coordinated with a fork at this point, but any foods that need a spoon usually end up everywhere.  (On a side note, he doesn't like for his hands to be dirty, so I am constantly wiping them for him. Who knew I would have such a neat boy on my hands?)  It has been difficult at times for me to hold back and let him do things himself when I know I can help him do things faster, but he needs that independence, so pray that I can continue to let this process happen, and that he will continue to eat well.

Also on Monday, Connor enjoyed a play date with Gavin, while I enjoyed some girl time with Lindsay and Elizabeth.  They met me at Mom and Dad's house, and we spent much of the afternoon lounging in the pool.  Despite applying sunscreen, I managed to scorch my shoulders. It is Friday and they still hurt.  Despite that, we had a great time.  The kids loved the water, and I loved chatting it up with two of my best and oldest friends.

Tuesday was a special day, because it was the aniversary of Jason's and my wedding.  We have now been married for eight years.  I love him even more today than I did all those years ago, and I wouldn't trade one second of being married to him.  He is a wonderful partner and friend, and it has been extra special to see what a wonderful father he is.

June 14, 2003
Our anniversary started out wonderfully.  Mom had invited me to go with her and my gran to get pedicures, which was a welcome treat (Thanks, Mom!).  We had a great time together, and the pedicure was great.

The second part of the day was more bittersweet.  A young man who is very dear to Jason and myself (and who was a part of Ono, my home church, where Jason was also the youth pastor) lost his mother, and we headed to the funeral home on Tuesday afternoon.  Funeral homes, I am certain, are not anyone's favorite place, but I am always nervous about what to say, being sensitive to the family, etc..., and it is always a miserable experience for all involved.  I understand the concept of being supportive and paying respect, but from all my experiences of losing loved ones, all those hours at the funeral home are very draining, and no matter what anyone says, someone you love is gone.  It was especially difficult because of this young man's age and how much he means to Jason and myself.

Tuesday evening Mom and Dad volunteered to watch Connor so Jason and I could have an anniversary date.  We hadn't actually planned anything because of the upcoming vacation, so Jason picked up some Mexican food for me, Sonic for himself (with a surprise grape slush for me), and we hung out and watched tv before heading back to pick Connor up.

Wednesday was another homebody day for us, which is quickly becoming my favorite type of day.  Jason ran some errands, but most of the day was spent together.  Jason commented to me at the end of the day: "Connor was sweet today."  It was true.  He ate well (again!), he was in a great mood all day, he played all day even though he couldn't go outside because of the rain, and he was very cuddly.  All in all, it was a great day.

Thursday was a busy day.  Luckily, however, Connor decided to sleep in later than usual (7:45), so I was able to get myself completely ready before he even woke up.  We ran errands in Jamestown, Russell Springs, and Columbia before heading to Cafe on the Square for lunch with a college roommate, Laura Dickinson Burwash.  The food was wonderful at the Cafe (as always), and the conversation was fun.  We spent and hour and a half just catching up and making plans to spend more time together.  Connor was, of course, restless after a while and began wiggling, throwing his trucks, trying to grab my water glass, etc..., but luckily Laura has a little boy, too (precious, 1 year-old Ty), so she was very understanding.  :)  On our way home, Connor and I stopped by Expressions from the Heart bakery for a little treat, an almond vanilla cupcake.  It was amazing (see below.) After playing the rest of the afternoon away outside, Gran was kind enough to watch Connor so I could go to kickboxing for some much-needed exercise.  It was a long but wonderful day.

almond vanilla cupcake from Expressions from the Heart

This morning (Friday) was a sleepy one.  Connor, in a very rare occurance, woke up twice last night, screaming both times.  The first time I changed his diaper and put him back down.  He slept for about 45 min., and then woke up shrieking again at about 2 a.m.  This time I took up a sippy of milk, let him have a snack (even though he ate really well yesterday, he seemed hungry), and he finally went back to bed for good and slept until 7 this morning.  While he awoke totally rested, I, on the other hand, have been feeling draggy all day.  I am trying to get in gear while he naps, though, so I can finish a few little odds and ends in reference to packing and organizing the house.  Seattle/Alaksa will be here before we know it!

Random happenings of the week:

- For the first time I can remember, I actually won something!  My friend Melanie, from Sarcasm and Curls had a Mary Kay giveaway, and shockingly, I was the winner (I don't have much luck usually.).  She mailed me three gorgeous eye shadow colors (lilic, darker purple, and a shimmery shade), eye makeup remover, and eye primer.  I had never used eye primer before, but this formula truly has made my shadow colors last longer, so I was very impressed.  I also love all of the shadow colors, and the eye makeup remover has come in very handy, because getting mascara off at the end of the day is always a hassle.

- Connor is no longer just obsessed with tractors, but trucks now, too.  He even wants to take his little Tonka trucks to bed...along with his guppy (blanket), Muno, monkey, and froggy.  He whined when I wouldn't let him, but I had to draw the line somewhere.  It's not like he sleeps in a king bed.

- The monkey (mentioned above) is a fuzzy brown creature wearing a blue and brown striped sweater, and Connor has dubbed him "Monchie." I think it's just a mispronunciation of monkey, but it's adorable to hear him say.  :)

- Jason informed me that when Connor follows him to the bathroom, he waves bye-bye to the pee as it goes down the toilet.  A little weird, but too cute not to share.

- We have been trying to prepare Connor for his first plane and boat rides, and every time we mentioned riding a plane or boat, Connor yells out, "Me too!"  Not sure he'll be so excited when it actually happens, though.

Photos from the week:

mastering the art of using a fork


"By George, I think I've got it!"

wanted to wear Daddy's belt

favorite new trucks -- Gran got them for .25 at a yard sale

vroom, vroom
Daddy and Connor relaxing


almost 21 months old

This has been his favorite pasttime for the last two days.

watching Gabba in bed with Mommy on Thursday morning
Praying everyone has a blessed weekend!

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