Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Photo a Day Challenge -- Week 3

I'm posting this in a little more timely manner than week 2's post.  Here are my photos for Days 15-21:

Day 15 -- Yellow (fabric for the dress I am making)

Day 16 -- Out and About (Connor was still sick, so our only "outing" was to move to the living room and give Jason his Father's Day gift.)

Day 17 -- In My Bag

Day 18 -- Something You Don't Know About Me (I am obsessed with hummus and eat it every chance I get.)

Day 19 -- Imperfect (me...especially without makeup)

Day 20 -- Favorite Photo I've Ever Taken (Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah)

Day 21 -- Where I Slept (hotel in Chicago)

One more week to go for June, which is so hard to believe.  Here are my prompts for the last few days:

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