Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Photo a Day Challenge -- Week 2

I have been faithfully taking my photos each day, but with Connor's illness (which I wrote about here) and our trip to Chicago (which deserves its own post soon) I have gotten behind on actually posting them in a weekly format, so I'll post weeks 2 & 3 both this week.

Just as a reminder, here are the prompts for the month:

Here are my photos for week 2:

Day 8 -- Six o'clock (cooking supper)

Day 9 -- My View Today (at the doctor with a sick boy...little did we know it would be our first trip of five in a week)

Day 10 -- Best Bit of my Weekend (getting fro-yo for a sick boy)

Day 11 -- door

Day 12 -- From a Low Angle (my super sick boy)

Day 13 -- Art 

Day 14 -- Time

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