Monday, July 2, 2012

June Photo a Day Challenge -- Week 4

I finally feel like things have settled down here, and it has been so much easier to remember to take pictures this last week.

Here are my photos for this last week (plus a few days) of June:

Day 22 -- From a High Angle

Day 23 -- Movement (at the lake in Chicago)

Day 24 -- On My Mind

Day 25 -- Something Cute (my new--and cheap--dress from H&M Chicago)

Day 26 -- Where I Shop (It is a rarity, but if I had any choice, I think I'd choose Philanthropy in Franklin, TN.)

Day 27 -- Bathroom

Day 28 -- On The Shelf (gifts from two of our favorite families...thank you Jessops and Ramseys!)

Day 29 -- Soft (Connor finally got to use his Build-A-Bear gift card from the Jessops and made this soft little buddy in Chicago.)

Day 30  -- A Friend (Is it sad that the most recent photo I can find with a friend is from December?)

I have loved taking photos this month, and am looking forward to July's prompts.  Here they are:

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