Friday, June 14, 2013

Ten Years

On June 14, 2003, at 2 p.m., just a month shy of my 20th birthday, I married this handsome man:


It is hard to believe that we are ten years of marriage and almost 13 years of dating later.

I have been blessed these last ten years to have the head of our family to be Godly, romantic, kind, sensitive, intelligent, hilarious, and often unpredictable.  He is often the opposite of my sometimes too-serious, too-stressed self, and I need to remember to let him balance me out more often.

Wedding 3

The past ten years have been filled with many things: joy, travel, building a home (and building on top of that home), losing loved ones, lots of growing up, and becoming parents to two precious, joyful children.

Seeing Jason become a father (as it is so close to Father's Day) made me love him even more, and I hope to have many, many more years to do life together.


*Because it will always be on my heart, although June 14th will always represent one of the happiest days of my life, last year it also became one of the worst.  One year ago today one of my best friends lost her sister, and it is never far from my mind, especially as today approached.  They have handled their loss in a way that is more poignant and full of faith than I could have imagined people could possess.  You can see their story here.  I suppose that the mixture of joy and sorrow I feel about today is much like life, full of all kinds of emotions, but throughout it all, God has been with us, and I am so grateful.

With that said, thank you, Jason, for ten full and joyful years!  I wouldn't want to be sharing this journey with anyone else (except maybe Leonardo DiCaprio...kidding).

These next photos were taken last night. We cooked dinner, then took it to a local elementary school to have a picnic and let Connor play. Connor had a blast, didn't whine when we left, London was happy the entire time, and the food was delicious. It was the perfect way to end our ninth year of marriage.




Please ignore my awful hair and the general terribleness of this photo, but it was the only one snapped of me with the kids and I had to document it.  :)

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