Monday, September 24, 2012


I used to be so good about posting weekly all the photos I had taken from the week, on Fridays usually, but in the last few months I have gotten out of the habit, and since I often forget to post pictures to Facebook as well, I have found myself taking less and less pictures.  I even stopped doing my weekly "photo a day" posts in the craziness of life and school starting back (and then feeling terrible at the beginning of this pregnancy), and I miss taking and sharing photos.

This is why I thought I'd share a few of the pictures I've taken recently, as well as just a little bit of what's on my mind.  Therefore, this post will be fairly scattered, but centered around some of our September happenings and photos.

During Labor Day weekend, I worked a Chrysalis retreat, and Jason, Connor, and several members of Jason's family spent the weekend relaxing in Gatlinburg.

The gang in Gatlinburg, just before eating at The Pancake most jealous moment of their trip.

Homecoming Week is always one of my favorites...this year for costume day we decided to create our own Tetris pieces.  :)

Some of my fabulous sophomores on their "color wars" day.

One of my favorite activities this year was a classroom "quilt" that we created.  Each student created a square that represented them.

Best 1st period ever = best homecoming door ever (We did win the door decorating contest for 10-12th grades.)

We took Connor to Salem (which just happens to be the closest playground to our house and my elementary school) to play a couple of weeks ago, ,and this tree is just how I remembered it as a child.  We were constantly tripping over its roots.  Playing there with Connor, though much has changed, brought back many fond memories of my childhood.

Jason knew I was craving sweets one night, so he got me some chocolate pie from The Country Cafe...perfect dessert.

Jason and I had a rare date night last Tuesday, so we spent it at Guthrie's, our first visit in over two years.

my favorite tomato basil soup from Guthrie's

Jason's yummy fish and scallops

my ravioli

silly boy

Connor decided to repurpose his pjs into a more fashion-forward look. 
Connor wanted to wear Mommy's this is where he placed the eyeshadow.

getting ready for some sweet boy's 3rd birthday party

Fall is here and the mums have been planted.

Soccer is Connor's new favorite pasttime.

The sun setting outside our home is one of my favorite sights.

Lastly, this song has been on repeat in my mind and on my heart for the last few weeks.  We just recently began singing it at our church, but my sister's church has been doing it for quite some time, and I have just rediscovered how much I love it.  I hope you do, too.

Have a blessed week, friends!

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