Thursday, September 27, 2012

18 Weeks

How far along?  18 weeks, 2 days

How big is baby?   8 ounces (according to our ultrasound today)

Total weight gain/loss:  +1 lb. this month;  +4 lbs. total

Maternity clothes?  Maternity tops are too big, but regular tops are getting snug.  I can wear my regular jeans, as long as they stretch, but I'll be exclusively maternity before too long, I think.

Stretch marks:  Just the stretch marks I already had from Connor and weight gain/loss over the years.

Sleep:  I definitely wake up at least once in the night to use the restroom; I have a hard time falling back asleep.

Best moment this week:  Our ultrasound yesterday...everything looks like it is developing right on track and baby is healthy and active, which is a huge answer to prayer and the most important thing to us.

Movement:  Nothing significant yet.

Food cravings:  Giovanni's cheese bread, Grippo's barbecue chips, STILL Hawaiian shaved ice

Food Aversions:  Food in general is looking much better to me, so I don't have many aversions at this point, which may be cause for concern in the weight gain department.  :)

Gender:   Baby Davidson did cooperate today and we do know the gender...but we are saving the news for Connor's 3rd birthday party on Saturday, so I'll definitely do a post all about it on Saturday after all the festivities.  :)

Labor Signs:  None.

Symptoms:  Nausea (if I get too hungry), exhaustion (or maybe this is just from the start of school), some trouble sleeping, and terrible skin.

Belly Button in or out? In 

What I miss:  Sleeping through the night, clothes fitting, and clear skin

What I am looking forward to:  Starting room preparations and looking into finding a double stroller!  :)

Upcoming appointments/events:  The big gender reveal, which will happen at Connor's birthday party on Saturday!  :)  Our next doctor visit is on October 25th.

Weekly Wisdom:  Rest when possible, which I have been trying to do.

18 weeks

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Relinda said...

You look great!! I can't wait to hear the gender of the baby.